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Screens on Wednesday

Yesterday was our second no screens Wednesday and real talk, it didn’t go great.  Our upstairs apartment had the AC and furnace replaced.

“How will that work with no screens?” I asked.

“I imagine I’ll have to answer the phone a couple of times,” Will said, making God laugh.  Basically, they called Will a lot.  A lot.

Fine. On any other day.  However, it completely derailed the day’s plan.

Shadow & Mousie
Shadow sleeps while his tail makes sure the evil mousie on a string doesn’t escape his clutches. He slept this way for several hours.

So while I woke up at 3am and valiantly had no screens until around 7 or 8 am, Will had screens upon waking and thus so did I.  Granted I used mine to look up postal pricing for a package I was sending, but still, cheating is cheating.

We did try somewhat, but it just didn’t work.  For me, unless my phone is off completely, I’m working or on call.  I worked, which I don’t mind at all.  That said, if our mission was to have a relaxing day where we get kind of bored we missed the mark.

Worried Shadow

We had a hectic day, full of annoyances.  We ended up watching television by the evening because we were both so frazzled.

There’s a line from the movie “Trust”, a Will favorite, where the main character who normally hates TV comes home from work and turns it on.  He says, “I had a bad day at work. I had to subvert my principles and kow-tow to an idiot. Television makes these daily sacrifices possible. Deadens the inner core of my being.”  Yesterday, after running our very minimal errands, we were exhausted and both decided that we need to numb our inner core.  We didn’t have to kow-tow to idiots luckily, and we tend not to do that anyway, hence us both working from home!  😉

It’s difficult sometimes to translate the language of marriage.  Half of the time, we will say, “deaden our inner core?” and then watch some television, and that is inexplicable unless you’ve seen and remember that line from “Trust” which came out in 1990.  “Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King is not a great book as the main character is truly and deeply TSTL, BUT it is an excellent book on marriage language and shorthand that develops between people over the course of time.  You might want to strangle the main character a lot in the story, but like many Stephen King novels, the interesting part is the more mundane life stuff instead of the supernatural stuff.

I digress.

As Will says, we are the only people we need to please with this, so if we need to call a mulligan and do another day, we can.  I suggested this Saturday, but Will muttered something about that being days away, so who knows?

I enjoyed the first Wednesday quite a bit.  It was boring but it wasn’t overwhelming.  There wasn’t the constant barrage things causing over stimulation.  Yesterday was another day of not one thing after another but every damn thing all at once.  That sort of thing happens a little less when you aren’t online or smartphoning.

We hit our sophomore slump, but either Saturday or Wednesday, we’ll try again.  Just keeping the television off in the mornings allowed me to write letters to friends and family, as well as entertain the cats.  These days I’m trying to focus more on the day to day pleasures and this helped.

While yesterday was not a win, it wasn’t a complete failure.  Will didn’t wake up and immediately get on the computer.  We didn’t get sucked into some stupid debate on Facebook or Twitter.  We actually used our time to get some things done, even if it took 5 tries to do anything yesterday for some reason.

Joey and Cecil
Joey and Cecil, enjoying some sun in the outdoor enclosure. They are never left outside alone, so don’t worry. This just keeps them safe from the bald eagle that circles the neighborhood. 😉

I give us a D+/C- on our second attempt.  Better than we normally do but not great.  Hopefully next time we will get an A.  It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve realized that beating yourself up over a missed goal – especially when circumstances were beyond your control – harms more than it helps, at least for me personally.

Instead, count the wins, figure out how to turn the losses into wins, and learn how to do better next time.  Next time: don’t have anything scheduled where communication is necessary!

I hope everyone is surviving Covid and everything that entails!

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