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No Screen Wednesday

Last week Will suggested we have a day without electronics.  Since that is very broad and includes things I really like such as lights, stoves, etc we narrowed down what he meant.

No screens is the basic idea and no internet.  A regular Kindle on airplane mode for reading is fine.  I hate wearing cheaters and can make the font bigger in Kindle and have tons of books only accessible via Kindle.  Cellphones, due to the barrage of messages is not ok and must be turned off.

Deciding which day proved more difficult as I work from home and need both computer and internet to be able to work.  I get a lot of clients from Facebook and Facebook Messenger, so I try to always keep a window to messenger open if possible.  My trade-off for being able to work from home without co-worker interruptions and the ever present evil of fluorescent lights is that I am mostly on call all the time.  But I get to wear pj’s at work, so I’m ok with it.

Even when I’m not signed in at Psychic Center, clients I have that are local or who know me personally tend to reach out at random times throughout the week.  I tend to try to drop what I’m doing to do a reading or whatever the client/friend is wanting.  Lately though, I haven’t really been much good past 4 or 5 in the afternoon.  I’m tired, my brain is mush – I’ve said Will more than a few times that I’d answer or try to help the person but at a certain point you have to recognize when you aren’t going to be helping.

I reach a point of brain-tired where I can listen, and I can take in what is being said, but that’s about it.  If someone wants a tarot reading when my brain is mush I feel like they aren’t getting what they are paying for.  To paraphrase Miracle Max, you have a tired tarot reader, you get shitty tarot readings.  Shitty as in inaccurate, not helpful, repetitious.

With the whole Covid thing, I have the same brain fog everyone else does.  I’m lucky enough to work from home, so I haven’t had to worry about being out of work, but I’m still suffering through the Covid-fog that a lot of us are dealing with.  Talking to a friend online about how we are “getting nothing done” and I realized, she and I are getting nothing done OUTSIDE of work.

We are still actually working.  Which is doing something.  But we are so ingrained to think that we have to work every single day until we die that we don’t even count it as productivity.  It’s a given.

Picking a day to be completely out of reach was difficult.  I finally came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a single day that I could be out of touch.  I have a book video chat on Sunday afternoons, which is my usual day off.  Since this chat is with people I am not quarantined with it’s pretty important to me because I need some fun.

“I don’t think we can do this right now.  I talk to clients every day,” I said to Will.

“I know,” he said grumpily, giving me that pointed look of his.  Ah, so we are doing this in part because Will – have I mentioned he has been home all of the time since mid-February? – thinks I am working too much.  Which basically means telling him that this won’t work due to work is going to be a failing argument.

I picked my slowest day, at least lately, Wednesday.  And we turned off everything but Will’s phone.  My mother took exception to this, but Will doesn’t get as many phones calls/messages as I do and we both feel like we should have one line open for emergencies.

Wednesday was interesting.  First of all, doing this type of thing while actively grieving a loss (we miss you, Ray, like you wouldn’t believe) is pretty painful.

There’s nothing to really distract you from it so you have to just deal with the fact that reality sucks a bit more, and that someone that should be there isn’t.  The first part of the day we cried a lot.

Second part of the day, Will got a lot of stuff done.  Cleared out his office looking for the players handbook for the first D&D module.  He wants to have me play it in the same order they came out to see the progression.  He cleaned and organized for hours and it never appeared.  However, he got a lot done and that was nice.

Mostly it was kind of boring.  I read a book on how to play Mah-Jongg and wrote some letters, but just didn’t do a whole lot.  I enjoyed not having the constant anxiety of “am I supposed to be doing something?” that I usually have.  It was nice and we are going to try to do this on Wednesdays for a while.

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