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HVAC and Cats

This summer our air conditioner bit the dust, we we ended up having to get a whole new shebang, included duct work.

As soon as we lost the air and it became hot inside, the cats would walk into the room and melodramatically drop to the floor to show us they were hot. You can tell temperature by looking at a cat and the longer and more spread out they are, the hotter they are. Cecil, my oldest orange cat, started walking on us at night, which is not unusual, and would meow a lot and paw my face, which is unusual. I figure he’s just hot and he will be ok when we install a window unit.

This is Cecil.  He’s the orange cat we have with a long nose.

We install window units in a few rooms to combat the heat. One of the rooms is the bedroom and we had a window unit blowing constantly along with the fan blowing, too.

This does not diminish Cecil’s night time meowing. I start to worry something is wrong with him, but outside of being loud and annoying, nothing else looks wrong with him. I figure the week after they install the new furnace and AC I will take him to the vet.

Cecil, Joey (Scarface Joe,) and Shadow watching the new window unit being installed.

The very first night with the new AC he did not meow at me and paw my face until I woke up.  He walked on us and then slept on us, like normal.  It’s been a week or two and he hasn’t done it since.

He was waking us up because he didn’t like how windy it was. I mean, first world problems, dude, but at least he isn’t sick.

Scarface Joe – he’s not too hot in this pic, he just likes sprawling in the middle of all pathways.


2 thoughts on “HVAC and Cats

  1. All your kitties are cuties. I am glad Cecil is not sick. I was thinking hyperthyroid, but I guess he just didn’t like that fan 🙂


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