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Hulu Sucks

If there is a perfect metaphor for 2017, it’s the new Hulu interface – it’s new, improved, and crappier than it has ever been.  Laughably crappy.  Crappy enough, people are scratching their heads and wondering, “How did this even happen?”  It looks like a much less user friendly version of Amazon’s service, if you removed everything good from Amazon’s User Interface.

Needless to say, I truly hate it.  After several MONTHS of trying to get used to it, today, I just canceled my $11.99 subscription to Hulu.  I tried once before but they lured me back with a free month, but honestly, even free I wouldn’t bother using Hulu at this point.

First of all, everything takes longer for no real explicable reason.  You have to sign in to your name once Hulu boots up, then you are given a pretty menu that is mostly a pain in the ass to navigate.  The old interface would show the movies or shows that Hulu was highlighting that month, and I often found new shows to watch that way.  This new model gives you an uninteresting list of titles.

If you watch a television series, navigating to the show’s page to pick a season and then pick an episode is about a 5 minute affair.  It takes for ever, and half the time we just would quit and watch Netflix or Amazon instead.  See, if you click on the series title, it will just take you straight to an episode, not the actual show’s page.  Finding the actual show’s page is unintuitive as hell, and after trying to figure it out pretty much every time we use the service, and the ensuing frustrations of fast forwarding or rewinding or pausing or a myriad of other things, we might 50% of the time make it to the show’s page.

At which point I hate everyone who helped make this User Interface so much that I can’t see straight.

But wait, it gets better.  No matter how many times you take a show out of your watch list, Hulu will still put it in your Autoplay.  Dream LLC is a fucking horrible show, disgusting to watch, and ugly to look at.  I watched one single episode, hated it and tried to move on with my life.  But will Hulu let me?  No.  Instead it tries to force that show down my throat every single chance it gets.

And don’t bother to tell me I can turn Autoplay off.  I already know that.  However, then getting to the next episode of Adventure Time takes 20 years to navigate to and choose an episode from, and when the episodes are only around 12 minutes long it rapidly becomes not worth it to have Autoplay off.  Much of the new User Interface results in choices between two shitty options.  You know what system was better by about a 1000 times?  Their old one.

Forget about fast forwarding or rewinding with any accuracy whatsoever.  The old Hulu’s FF and Rewind were clunky in comparison to Netflix, but at least you could get to kind of the right spot.  With Hulu’s new UI, unless you know the minute and second you are navigating to, you have to blindly guess how many minutes to go in either direction.  It’s also SO SLOW.

It’s as if they designed the new User Interface to cause as many viewers as possible to rage quit as often as possible.

I honestly cannot believe they managed to approve this “upgrade” and think it was in any way a good idea.  Hulu went from beating Netflix in watchability and viewing choices to being a complete waste of time.

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