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Wayward Sisters/Daughters

With the backdoor pilot of Wayward Daughters filming this season, it does seem that they have a full cast already, but there are a few characters that survived their time with the Winchesters, who I’d love to see again.

From Season One of Supernatural:

“Wendigo” – Haley is a pretty tough character who has seen her fair share of tragedy.  Since Crowley killed her brother Tommy, and she is left with only one brother to take care of I think she’d be a pretty cool character to look back in on.  Maybe a recurring character of some sort.  She had a lot of spirit and good sense of humor, and was willing to do what it took to keep her family together.

“Phantom Traveler” – Amanda Walker has a lot of heart and courage.  She was one of a few survivors of a plane crash and there she is back to her job right away.  She even says that she couldn’t let fear run her life.  She helps the brothers and takes the knowledge of demons existing in the world in stride.

“Asylum” – Katherine is a fun character.  She goes with her boyfriend to this haunted asylum and when the ghosts hit the fan, she is the one, not her boyfriend, who takes the shotgun to protect them.  Granted, she shoots at Dean before finding out who he is first, BUT at least she was fighting.  Also, she promptly dumps the boyfriend who put her in the situation in the first place.  She is another character who has a lot of heart and a certain can-do attitude that is a big part of the heart of the Supernatural series.

“Scarecrow” – Emily has suffered the loss of her parents and then the loss of her adoptive family, a family that tried to sacrifice her to their orchard god.  She has the anger at what has happened, and she personally wants to be the one who sets the ancestral tree on fire, destroying the town and their demigod.  She doesn’t seem to have a lot of fighting skills, although that can be taught.  She is an orphan in search of a family, which makes her a good fit for Wayward Sisters, even though 12 years has passed.  You are never too old to need family.

“The Benders” – Deputy Kathleen Hudak is my favorite nomination from season 1.  Jessica Steen is fucking fabulous and badass in every single show she’s in and she would be great in Wayward Daughters.  She has the technical know-how, and while she doesn’t necessarily have any experience with the supernatural, Sam and Dean dropped enough pretty huge hints that a smart woman like her would probably figure things out.  Also, I love that like Jody and Donna, she is police officer.  She already has fighting chops and firearm knowledge and skill.  While I’d love it if she were a series regular, she might work better as a regular guest star along the lines of Bobby Singer.

Season One has quite a few survivors and many of them are female, but I included the ones that are still alive (as far as we know) and either showed a fighting spirit or can-do attitude.  There are others that survived that wouldn’t be great contenders for one reason or another.  Some of them because they have family and other responsibilities, some because of their attitude towards the Supernatural.  Charlie from “Bloody Mary” comes to mind but she doesn’t seem to be the fighting type, although she does have a lot of good sense.

Any characters you think would be good additions to spin off from season 1?

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