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Supernatural, S2

Supernatural has been on the air for 12 season, and this week it’s 13th season will air, so I’m assuming that people have seen this before.  If you haven’t seen it and you don’t like spoilers, stop reading.


This is possibly my favorite season of the show, although I will have to re-watch everything to make sure of that.  The very first episode I ever saw, was the season 2 finale, “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2” and what hooked me and made me pause in my channel surfing was the “previously on” music, “Carry On My Wayward Son” one of my all time favorite songs, which has become even more of a favorite since this show.

So, season 2 has a special place in my heart.  In the time since I first watched this season, my father passed away and this grief has informed a lot of my life and changed my perspective on many things, including the actions and reactions of the characters this season, as they are both reeling from the death of their father in the opening episode.  Sam becomes more sympathetic through this lens, and Dean’s suicidal behavior makes a lot more sense if you think of them as being in complete grief throughout the season.

Also, some of my all-time favorite episodes and moments (and Supernatural has so many) happen in this season.  The thing I like the most about this season is the brothers fundamentally are working together for most of the season.  In the episode “Croatoan” – one of the best episodes as far as character development for the brothers – they don’t always agree in the episode, but there is one moment where Dean asks Sam if he’s sure that someone is infected, Sam says yes, and Dean on that yes alone kills the infected person.  That type of trust and faith in each other is evident throughout the season.

Another stellar episode, “The Usual Suspects,” has the brothers getting arrested while hunting a ghost.  In this episode, you see that they have a whole system of communication and finding each other when separated.

If I were to try to say the best things about the episodes, I’d be here all day.  This season is not like season 1, where I actively tell people to skip a few episodes (“Bugs” and “Route 666”) because season 2 has good storytelling and good episodes throughout.

One of the best parts of the season 2 arc for me is that they finally kill the yellow-eyed demon, the antagonist that killed their mother back in the pilot.  They could have drug this out forever  [like they are currently doing with Lucifer, like seriously, Supernatural, can we just fucking kill him already?  so tired of Lucifer] but instead they resolve this plot line to open up a different arc of storytelling.

Also, this season has one of the most heartbreaking episodes for Dean fans, “What Is and What Shall Never Be” where a Djinn grants Dean the wish of their mother never dying.  This episode is brilliant and heartbreaking, especially the scene where Dean is standing over the grave of his father, asking why he has to sacrifice his happiness.  He never says “It’s not fair” as he only says “It’s…” then in true Dean form, he wipes the tears from his face, and with a sort of resolute bitterness, goes about destroying the Djinn and his own little happy world.  It’s totally badass and heartbreaking at the same time, like much of Dean’s personality.

This season has a heavier Bobby presence, introduces the trickster, and has the most can’t miss episodes.

I give season 2 an A+ simply because each and every episode – even the weaker ones – are still stellar.  There are very few moments during season 2 where I yell at the screen or ask “Why are they so stupid??” something that does happen pretty regularly in later seasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this show with intensity, but that doesn’t mean it is flawless, it just means the positive aspects tend to outweigh the negative ones.


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