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Supernatural Spinoff Ideas

Supernatural Spin-off ideas better than the backdoor pilot “Bloodlines”

First – almost anything would be better than Bloodlines which was a mess. I’ve wondered a few times if they were forced at gunpoint to make the backdoor pilot so they botched it on purpose. This episode not only wasn’t a good Supernatural episode, but it wasn’t a good pilot. I didn’t give a crap about ANY of the characters. If you are going to make a Supernatural spin-off, at least go with some characters that people already like.  Maybe check the demographics of who is watching in the first place.  We’ve been loyal to the show for going on 12 years, so many of us are older and therefore cool with older characters.

I’ve watched up through the first two episodes of season 12, so I’m sure there are more ideas with the new season, but this is what I’ve come up with so far.  Also, below are light spoilers up through season 11.

Supernatural spin-off ideas:

  • Golem and Adam Bass rebuild the Judah Initiative while fighting threats from the Thule and other supernatural bad things. “My grandfather left me something important. Something only I can do.”
  • Werewolf girl and her adventures as a monster who isn’t monstrous. Can be kind of like The Incredible Hulk as she travels from town to town. Or maybe make every other season a different town, but the general idea of a wanderer werewolf who happens to be good. Bonus points if she meets up with Garth and his werewolf family.
  • From the “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” episodes bring James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter together for a series with these two mercurial witches. Buffy fans alone will tune in to the first season just for nostalgia.
  • Gabriel (who God hinted at re-creating) – this could be a fun kind of show about being careful what you wish for, or just Gabriel running across dicks and then having fun with making them sorry for it. Kind of like Tales from the Crypt, with the just desserts focus.
  • Another character that is currently dead, but has thousands of years of history to play with is Cain and Timothy Omundson is fantastic in the role. I wish he’d been on the show a lot more. He was fantastic.

Series Spin-Off I’d like if Supernatural hadn’t gone all women in refrigerators:

Ellen and Jo hunting – you could make it a monster of the week show, could still have the Supernatural theme of family, and tensions from a mother and daughter hunting things. Also, Ellen was an awesome badass and I miss her.

Charlie Bradbury – This could be another spin-off just following a cool character around while she exists in this world of monsters. I’d love it if she was brought back to life.

Finally, the series spin-off I know will never happen but that I long for with every fiber of my being.

  • Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum teaming up together to fight monsters, crime, and generally have a good time. The running gag could be the different ways Donna says Jody’s name, “Jods, Jodio, Jo-diddly…”


I know there are probably a lot more spin-off ideas from the existing series – what do you think would be a good spin-off?

2 thoughts on “Supernatural Spinoff Ideas

  1. One other spin-off that I’ve been slowly writing, just for me for when inevitably the boys need to dial it back (or Chuck Forbid- quit), deals with the fallout of children/youth whose world gets butchered by the supernatural, and what if someone had a foster home that specialized in that kind of (super-specific) trama/rehab, educating their new families a little at a time how to protect & defend their own without creating more on-the-road hunter’s children, living like Sam & Dean did. Possibly adding a boarding school for existing hunter’s kids, a bit Hogwarts but could have guest appearances from all the SPN cast as tutors etc. It would bring in younger audiences again, as well as be more like the early seasons-learning about lore and different culture’s creatures.

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