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Sunflower Seeds

Me:  So, a ½ cup of sunflower seeds?  Is this a possible thing?

Hubby:  Just take a full cup, and cut it in half.

Me:  No.  I asked you if you could obtain for me ½ cup of sunflower seeds since I am home with a truck that needs new brakes and an illegal car

Hubby:  You just said that you “needed” one

Me:  I don’t love you.

Hubby:  Not even half a cup of love?


Hubby:  I could get you a 40 lb bag of sunflower seeds from Rural King

Me:  I hate you.

Hubby:  Half a bag?

Me:  I am making a recipe for humans that requires ½ cup sunflowers seeds – seeds out of their husk.

Hubby:  I’ve never seen humans made that way.

Me:  Bring me half a cup of sunflower seeds and you will.

Hubby:  Fair enough.

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