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Working From Home (Still)

One of the reasons I find having friends so important is because obvious ideas often totally escape me. 

During one of the few times this summer where I wasn’t traveling and I was able to go for a hike with a friend, I was talking about how crazy and down my house was making me.  I would walk in the door and just feel like I was hitting a wall of stress.

She talked about how when you work from home, there is no escaping work.  Through her ideas I decided to designate one room the room where I work.  I have a lovely library, and I enjoy books – I find their mere presence calming.  I can shut both doors so if (when) the cats become too much of a nuisance I have privacy.  There is a computer for working my writing jobs as well as my psychic line job. 

I hadn’t made the switch from working in the living room after we talked simply because there was so much to do before leaving for 3 different trips in August.  Now that I have returned from the last of the three trips (NYC rocked! Saw Cabaret at Studio 54!) and I am back to real life and work, I moved my base of operations to the library.

I think it will help me feel less stressed.  I also think it will help Will, too.  He can watch movies I have no interest in while I am working and he can also work out of his own home office without me being distracting.

Fingers crossed, but I think this may be a very good and positive move.  Something I would never even have thought of without a simple conversation with a friend.

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