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Asking the Right Questions

I have a very busy week this week with relatives visiting from out of town, plus work, plus installing (or providing support to the installer) a water heater, and trying to workout 5 days a week, so I was a bit stressed this morning.  Today on the way home from Crossfit, Will assured me that he has all the answers.

Me:  Jen wants me to work out with her today at 4:30, but I told her no because we have to be at 17th Street at 5:00.

Will:  We aren’t meeting at 17th Street until 5:30.

Me:  Really?  Awesome!  Do you think I can make it from Carbondale to Murphysboro in 20 minutes?

Will:  Probably.  Besides, if you a few minutes late I doubt anyone is going to be upset.

Me:  Awesome!

I then text Jen to let her know I can indeed workout today.  Then I try to text my mother-in-law to let her know my sister and niece are coming to town after all.  I get a message failed.

Me:  I keep trying to text your mom to let her know that Reese is coming with Erin after all, but the phone keeps telling me that the message has failed.  I wonder what is going on with my phone.

Will:  Oh, Mom used up all of her texting for the month so you either have to call her, talk to her on Facebook, or text Dad.

Me:  ::giving Will the look I give him when he has information he hasn’t shared with me::

Will:  You will find I have all of the answers if you just ask the right questions.  What else you got?

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