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Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues is the first of the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This book was a lot of fun and I am excited that there is an extended series of books with the same main character.  20!  Yay!

Phryne Fisher (pronounced FRY-knee) is a great feminist heroine and quite simply I adore her. She smokes, drinks, sleeps around, cavorts with lesbians, solves crimes, served in WWI, pulls guns on people, flies airplanes, drives cars, and unapologetically lives life to the fullest. She is joined in her exploits by Dot, her maid and secretary who she meets in unusual circumstances.

I’ve read modern books with less feminist heroines so it is refreshing to have a different setting than my normal fare – Australia – during a different time period than I usually read about – the 1920’s, give or take. While I am a sometimes fan of romance novels, I must say that I do love Phryne’s love ’em and leave ’em style. She is not particularly interested in a relationship in this book – getting laid? Yes. Having a boyfriend? No.

I must credit Netflix with this find. I watched season one of the Miss Fisher Mysteries, and then read this book. The series was so much fun I did not know if the books would live up to it, but as it usually the case, the book was better – far, far better. I look forward to reading more of these books with these characters.

I am almost finished with the second book now – also, the first several in the series are super cheap if you have a Kindle. I bought this book for $0.99 and the next one for $2.99. After that I think they go up to $4.99, which is still a steal as many books these days are around $7 or $8.

If you like your women strong, smart, sexy, and feminist with some murder mysteries thrown in, then this is the book for you.

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