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This Morning’s Conversations

Will starts to shut his office door.

Me: Why are you shutting your door?

Will: There is too much noise.

Me: I am just sitting here!

Will: You are not the only one here.

Me: Oh, sure, Will, there are other people here making noise <<two cats streak in front of us making their weird cat battle chase cries>> other than me.<<I start laughing>> Crap, I couldn’t even do that with a straight face.

Will: I appreciate the help from the cats in illustrating my point.

Me:  Well keep in mind you have to get dressed soon so we can leave.

Will: When are we leaving?

Me:  No later than 8:30.

Will:  So you will pick out my clothes for me and iron them?

I laugh, Will grins.

Will:  It was the comment about the ironing, huh?  <<he shuts his office door>>

I do like that the man knows exactly what kind of wife he has, and that a wife that will set out your clothes and iron them is a pretty far cry from the one he’s got.  Thank God!

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