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All of the weather sites, FB, and pretty much everything else has been predicting snowmageddon for the area.  The high today is 34, the low is – depending on the weather site you use – -2, -6, -8, or -12.  Really once the weather goes into negative digits, all you need to know is that it will be freaking COLD.

Cecil the cat, who will wear a harness and get put on a lead outside is upset that the window box to the outside is closed.  This box is closed because we don’t want to lose heat from the house and because our cats can be somewhat stupid about weather.  Joey will go out there, sit with his tail resting in a puddle of water and not even notice.  I worry that between the two cats, one of them would get frostbite simply because there was a squirrel or a bird that was somewhat interesting.

In order to do laundry, I have to go downstairs, past the outside door that I normally let Cecil go out of with both a harness and lead.  This pretty much means ANYTIME I go downstairs for ANY reason, he follows me meowing loudly so he can go outside.  It should be noted, at this point, that when I started putting a harness on him and letting him go outside, Will predicted that Cecil would do this.  I poo-poohed him, but Will, Lord of Cats was right.  It is kind of annoying when that happens.  I should probably take his advice and listen to him a little bit more.  I probably won’t, though.

Cecil was haranguing me as I was in the kitchen browning hamburger- one doorway away from the outside – to let him outside.  I figured, fine, let him go outside, feel how cold it is, get snowed on, and be miserable for the five minutes it takes me to put what is in the washer in the dryer.

I left the door closed, but we live in an old house, so he could simply nose his way back through the door if it was super miserable and cold.  We keep that door locked all the time because a) we are paranoid and b) it is the only way to know for sure that it will stay shut.

Now Joey the cat wants to go outside too.  I have explained to him that if he wears the harness, he can go outside.  Then I try, periodically, to the put the harness on him and goes all Passive Resistance Cat on me.  If the harness is on, he just falls over and lies there.  It is pretty funny, actually, but it does mean he cannot go outside.

I let Cecil out, making sure his harness is hooked up to the lead, go downstairs and put what is in the washer in the dryer, come back up and notice that the door is slightly ajar – about ajar enough for a cat to slip outside – and Joey is gone.  Meanwhile, upstairs, I am browning hamburger.

I go upstairs and deal with the hamburger while hollering for Will to come and help me.

As an aside, Will has been all over this snowmageddon thing.  He has put down salt, he has bought water and a water filter (there is something seriously wrong with Murphysboro’s water – it is smells and tastes like fish and is super gross), he has made sure all of the windows are shut and have an extra layer of insulation.  He told me all of the back up plans he has if the power goes out, and they were actually good.  In short he has been awesome and impressive and wearing not only pants but shoes as well (this is an anomaly when he is at home).

Meanwhile, I am browning hamburger without shoes or socks, in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, so Joey retrieval in snow is not something I am prepared for.

I told Will Joey escaped.  He asked how.  I said because I left the back door unlocked.  He asked why.  I said because I let Cecil outside.  If he rolled his eyes I didn’t see it as he was in the other room.  He didn’t even say “I told you so.”  He just kind of sighed and went outside.

I took care of the browning hamburger, then I went outside to see what was going on.  Will was standing in the snow, with a smile on his face.  I said, “Where is Joey?”  He pointed to Cecil and Joey, both very close together and right up against the house.  No snow there.  Now, as I am standing barefoot on the snow outside, I tell him he is awesome and go back inside so that I can feel my feet again.

Will comes back inside after Joey, the sane cat that he is, decides it is cold so screw this.  I finish with the hamburger and go outside to drag Cecil, who is wet and cold but has no intention of coming back inside, back into the warmth of the house.  Will and I both observed that Cecil seems to want to eat the dormant rose bushes.  Because he is crazy.

My whole point with all of this is that Will is awesome.  He is thinking of snow and cold contingencies, saving our cats, and not even saying I told you so when I clearly deserve it.  Because he is awesome.


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