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Not Dead!

I had a very emotionally vivid dream last night that Will was dead.  Not just that he was dead, but that he had been dead for years.

It was awful.

It was one of those dreams that is so intense that you are sure it is the reality.  I woke up terribly depressed that Will had been dead for so long.  Then I thought, as if it were a major epiphany, what if it was just a dream?

I joyfully discovered Will in bed next to me.  He is hard to miss – in part because his body is like a furnace, so you just draw closer to the warmth to find him.

I was relieved.

Then I thought – wait.  What if the dream was a warning of some kind?  What if he just now died, or is close to death?  He’d still be warm.

So, I groped around trying to figure out if he was breathing or not.  I put my hand on his head, then his neck, and he captured my hand between his neck and head by moving.  Movement means alive!  Yay!

“You’re alive!  Yay!  I had a dream you were dead.”

“No, just dead tired.”

I’ll take dead tired.  Dead tired can be alleviated through sleep, so I think I shall let him sleep and stop waking him up just to make sure he is alive.  If I don’t he might kill me.  😉

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