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Grief Is Weird

I am watching Modern Family – fantastic show! – and Phil’s dad shows up in an RV. As he unplugs the RV from the driveway and says goodbye to the kids I thought, “If Mom ever retires, she and Dad could do that. They would have so much fun. Dad would love that and they would visit all the time.”

Then I remembered that Dad is dead.

Stupid brain. It has been YEARS, and my brain still forgets.

In better, happier news, I am going to up my exercise from three times a week, to four. My gym is no longer offering yoga, so I figure that even though I missed yoga these past couple of months for various reasons, one extra day a week of working out will help.

Also, Will is bringing home really fantastic tacos and tamales from this great place in Cobden. I am excited to see him because a) food and b) Will rocks.

🙂 hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

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