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Rocky Ledges Trail Run

There is a difference between a 5K and a 5K trail run. Learned that this weekend when Will and I ran the very first Rocky Ledges Trail Run at Touch of Nature. I had pretty much decided that I was just going to walk, but once I realized that a trail run means Areas Where You Could Break Your Ankles That Go 90 Degrees Up, I was even more decided that running was out of the question.

I came in last, but I didn’t really care about that too much. I took a look at the other people running and pretty much all of them were either runners, people who ran 5K’s, and people who did Crossfit. I kind of figured with the small crowd I was going to be the last person as I was the only one who chose to walk.

So, note to self, look for the words “trail run” on fliers.

That said, it could not have been in a prettier location or on a nicer day. Will, per usual, had a great time and his dad was there, too. I had a great time because I got to hike a trail by myself in an area that you usually cannot simply gain access to.

However, after the race I was tired and my knees hurt. My fitbit, which tracks how many flights of stairs you climb, said that I climbed 50 flights of stairs, so it is safe to say it was hilly. They gave you tickets and I traded my tickets for a gatorade, but after the first drink it was like drinking sugar. TOO SWEET. So, I hoofed it to the car and back again simply so I could drink some water.

I jokingly said to Will during the last part of the trail run (Will came back to get me, he did that with the 5K as well – it is such a sweet thing for him to continue to walk just find me after he runs a 5K) that I didn’t want to do the Spartan Sprint anymore. I said, “I hate mud. Why did I even sign us what? What was I thinking?” Will said that we were doing the Spartan Sprint thing as a team and he didn’t really have plans on leaving my side during that. I was moved. He is really a nice guy. He also likes us operating as a team in some things, I just didn’t know until then that he meant for us to do that at the Spartan Sprint.

We are hoping to run a 5K that is NOT a trail run on this Saturday, but so far I haven’t heard back from the contact people about pre-registration.

Anyway, one 5K down and one trail run down! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Rocky Ledges Trail Run

  1. Way to go on your 5k. I really like trail runs because walking is acceptable. I mean, people who are fit and fast still walk some trail parts because it is too dangerous or hilly. So it gives you a little freedom! But I understand wanting to test out your new running skills! Good luck next weekend!


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