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Dreams and Dream Man

I keep having odd dreams that I have to move into a smaller apartment or trailer.  In these dreams I am not with Will, but either alone or with someone else.  I always wake up totally relieved to be in a house with books and cats and Will.

Last night I had a very long anxiety dream.  I dreamt I was dating one of my sister’s ex-boyfriends – I should have realized at this point it was a dream because to my knowledge none of my sisters and I have ever dated the same person.  I ended up moving in with this boyfriend even though I thought he was kind of unambitious and a bit slow.  He was sweet and good-natured, but dumb.  Cute, but stupid.

I had never seen his place before, and when I got there I realized I was moving in with him, his parents, and his sister.  When he showed me the bedroom, he knocked on the door first because he shared a bedroom with all of them!  It was like the three bears’ house – big bed, medium bed, and small bed.  I was horrified, because I am a spoiled American with first world problems and because my bedroom is my Fortress of Solitude.

The dream continued and these people horded pets, and I knew that my cats would never accept living there.  The rest of this anxiety dream consisted of me trying to find a place I could afford to live and convincing this boyfriend I didn’t particularly like that we needed to find our own place.

The alarm in the morning was a big relief.  Knowing that I was married to Will and had a place to live was pretty awesome.  Waking up to reality was very pleasant.

I hit snooze on our alarm and said to Will, “I am glad I am here and with you and not with someone else.”

Will, still pretty much asleep, put his arm around me and said, “Me, too.  Because if you weren’t here, I would have to get out of bed* and go find you.”





*This is a terribly romantic statement coming from Will, because the man really loves to sleep and is not overly fond of getting out of bed.  Therefore, him getting out of bed to find me when he is sleepy and comfy, very sweet and romantic.

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