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Shelves and Shelves and Spiders!

Will has been making more shelves.  Our house has two tiny closets, so space for things has always been an issue.  Along with having too many things.  Will likes free things, and he likes to hang on to things, so it gets crowded.

Lately he has been building more bookshelves and organizing things.  I cannot organize as I really just don’t quite know how best to categorize things.  When I organize it doesn’t make sense, but when Will organizes it does.  He actually thinks more about it than I do.  My style of organization is usually, “Does it all fit in this box?” and then I just remember (or not) what box has the tape or markers or what have you.

Anyway, I was gone this weekend, and Will expanded his organizational prowess to the kitchen.  I came home very happy to see all of the great progress he made in my absence.

IMG_1765 IMG_1774

This addition is a huge improvement to the complete disorganized chaos that was there before.  Although, with two shelves overflowing with tea, we need to drink more tea.

In the course of building shelves and organizing things like orange cats, Will came across some other items.  One of the games he and I have been playing with this large, plastic owl we have is placing the owl in various spots where it is staring at the other person.  Will is better at this game than I am, but I have managed to position the owl to stare at him balefully a couple of remarkable times.

Not the plastic spider - the HUGE plastic spider - on top of the bear that is on top of the owl.  Yeah, he has more of those.
Note the plastic spider – the HUGE plastic spider – on top of the bear that is on top of the owl. Yeah, he has more of those.

Will has escalated the game.

Will has found a hidden cache in his office of huge, realistic, black plastic spiders.

He has placed these spiders around the house.  I found one when I went to shower and he came down to investigate why I screamed then yelled at him “You are NOT funny!!  Not funny, Will!”  For some reason when I yell at him that he is not funny, he finds it hilarious.

Now, we’ve played this game with the spiders before.  I never suspect it, I always scream, and then in an act of repeated stupidity, I throw the spider at him.  This is stupid because now he has the spider and can hide it somewhere else.  And he does.  This time I did not throw the spider at him (growth! yay!), but he came to laugh at me and let me know he found some plastic spiders when cleaning, then he took the spider.  I was in the shower and while I could have chased after him demanding the spider, I was soapy and didn’t want to get the floors all wet.  I could see his mental gears turning as he plotted where to next place the spider.

I will scream, and he will laugh.

But, hey, more shelves!

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