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The Truck that Wouldn’t Start and Other Hero News

I have a lot of writing projects due tomorrow with a few of my jobs.  I have worked pretty hard on one of the big ones today and made a lot of headway, but still have more work to do, probably tonight and most of tomorrow on the rest of that project and other articles.  In the midst of all of this, I needed to run to the pharmacy today and I wanted to grab a bite to eat somewhere because I really didn’t feel like cooking today.  In addition to writing all of this stuff, another job requested that everyone put in extra hours, so I am pretty stressed and have no time.

Will needed to take his truck, which was full of scrap metal, to the recycling place as he has an odd job tomorrow where he needs to haul stuff off in his truck.  Neither of us wanted to run these errands, so we figured we would throw in together and I would accompany him and he would accompany me.  We would get to spend some time together while accomplishing things.  Huzzah.  My mother calls this co-dependence.  My kinder friends call it inter-dependence.

First, though, Will had to play his computer game.  In the land of Will, posting comments online or playing video games are a priority.  In the land Jay, they are not only not a priority but last on the list of things that should be focused on when we need to leave.  Will says that I am impatient and that I want to do everything now.  I say that I want to be on time and he makes us chronically late.  In most circumstances when a couple disagrees the truth is somewhere in between, but in this case I am totally right.  I took a poll.  Being late because your game characters might get eaten by zombies is not a viable reason.

Anyway, Will had to “finish” his computer game, then he had to go out and see if the truck would start or if it needed a jump-start.  It almost always needs a jump-start.  I was irritated by the delay – I even have on my shoes!  I am ready to go! – but I figured rather than waste time being pissy about it, I would just get as much writing done as I could before we were ready to leave.  I actually got quite a bit done and I am more than halfway finished, which makes me very happy.  All earlier irritation at the dilly dallying of Will faded in my joy of being more than halfway completed.  I figured that we could run these errands, and get home in a reasonable amount of time, and I could work some more.

Will was ready to go right at the moment I completed my article and I was elated that our timing was so dead on.

“Well, that was good timing!  We should be careful, with timing that good, I bet the truck is going to blow up,” I said, jokingly, to Will.  I don’t know why but when things are going well, I am just certain that means the other shoe will drop hard and fast and soon.  Will agreed, or at least made agreement type noises at me, and told me how cold it is outside so I grabbed my dad’s old Carhart’s with the hood, because my other coat is in the car.  I thought that it was probably overkill, but better safe than sorry.  (this is what is known as foreshadowing! Not just for novels and short stories but also in real life!)

We dropped off the scrap metal and headed back into town to go to the pharmacy.  We looked at the crazily crowded parking lot and decided to just go through the drive-thru rather than go inside and deal with Other People.  Will’s truck was making a weird fwap fwap fwap noise so when we got to the drive-thru window he turned off his truck.  As he reached for the key I said, “Are you sure it will start again?”

“The battery should be charged enough by now it won’t be a problem,” he said.  He turns off the truck.  If our life had a sound track it would have gone, da da dummmm.

In the two minutes it took to get the prescription, the truck decided it was done driving for the day.  Will tried to start it and the truck went uhr urh urh, then urhurh then urh, then nothing.  Since we were sitting in the drive-thru of the pharmacy, Will didn’t waste any time and physically pushed the truck out of the way.  We parked it and decided to walk to a nearby diner called Cindy B’s.  It is cheap and fast, but you can sit down and eat and they have heat.

Oh, did I mention that through all of this it is snowing?  Because it is fucking snowing.  And windy.  That type of wind that feels like cold razors.

Sometimes, Will is wrong.  Often he is wrong when it comes to this truck starting.  Once upon another time we were out at his parent’s house and he had his truck turned off but was listening to the radio.  I said, “Don’t you think that will run down the battery?”

He did not, in fact, think that would happen.

Later on he came inside and said, “Hey, guess what happened?”  He ran down the battery listening to the radio.

I think that Will would have fewer problems if he would listen to my advice.  Now, I would also have fewer problems if I would listen to his advice, so it isn’t really something that upsets me.  We get to laugh at each other’s folly and we both get to enjoy being right.

Sometimes, like the time out at his parent’s where there is a television and a warm bed and other vehicles and wi-fi and electrical sockets and amenities, I have been known to sing, dance around him while pointing at him saying/singing “Hah!!  I was right, and I told you so!!  I was right, I was right, I was right!!  Ahahahaha!”

Today, in the cold snow, I did not do that.  You have to pick your moments to crow about being right.  Sometimes it is funny and fun, other times it just makes a rough time more miserable.  If you are not certain which of these situations you are in, don’t crow about being right.  It isn’t something you want to roll the dice on.  If the other person isn’t going to laugh good-naturedly and agree, only crow about “I told you so/I was right” when you want to burn the hell out of that bridge or at least start a big fight.

Luckily, because of the earlier foreshadowing, I had on my dad’s old Carhart’s coat.  This coat is awesome.  It has “Bull” written on the back – apparently Carhart’s were popular at his work so this was a necessary mode of distinction – and it is a lot bigger than I am so I don’t need gloves because my hands are encased by the sleeves.  The coat came with gloves in the pockets.  Dad’s gloves so they are really nice and warm.  I gave Will the gloves out of the pockets, and because I didn’t have hands, he zipped me up and even pulled up the hood, snapped and velcroed it shut because it was cold razor windy out and I asked him to do so.  To make me feel even MORE like a little kid, after I laughingly told him I had no peripheral vision in this coat with the hood up, he grabbed my hand and holds it the entire way to Cindy B’s, lest I spontaneously bolt into traffic and get hit by a car that I did not see in my non-existent peripheral vision. I think Will found my flippancy over lack of peripheral vision alarming, because he had a good grip on my hand, through the coat sleeve, and didn’t really let go until we reached our destination.  Normally he holds my hand for a while, then gets bored or ADD’s out.  Not this time.

However, that coat was warm and it had everything we needed, hood for me, gloves for Will, it was awesome.  The Magic Dad Coat That Had What We Needed.

I did feel like that little kid on A Christmas Story though.  I asked Will if he would take my picture as I was sure I looked ridiculous, and that is when we discovered he didn’t have his phone.  Was it home?  Was it in the truck?  Ah, the mysteries of life.

We made it to Cindy B’s and I posted on Facebook, with a phone that was rapidly losing all of its battery life, a plea for anyone who might be in Murphysboro for a ride home.  Now, we could walk home, but it was and is really freezing outside, I was wearing shoes that were not really meant for walking comfortably so I walked slow, which meant Will kept having to slow down his thousand foot stride for me.  Eventually, although we get a few offers on Facebook (on from a woman who was nice enough to offer to drive from a few towns away – I told her that it was really nice of her to offer, but WAY out of her way, but man what a nice offer!) Will decided to leave me at Cindy B’s because he can “make better time” without me.  I didn’t protest this act of heroism.  Did I mention that it was cold outside with razor wind?

Will got our car and we are now safe and warm at home.  Will is once again my hero, albeit a hero that should really listen to me when I say things about truck batteries.

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