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All the Chocolate is Up High

I occasionally ask Will to hide things from me.  Mainly, chocolate – if I know we have it and where it is, due to terribly poor impulse control, I will eat more than just a little piece of it.  If I give it to Will to hide, I forget it is there, then when I feel like I want some chocolate, I will remember to ask him for a piece.  This means I will eat a piece a week maybe instead of a piece every day.

Recently, as Will built bookshelves with both books and cats in mind, I discovered a piece of chocolate he had hidden.  In order to entice the cats to sit on a ledge above the couch, Will put a couple of treats on the ledge.

As you can see, the shelf above Will fits a cat, a cat treat, and is quite high up off the ground.
This is a close-up of Cecil enjoying his new shelf and the secret treats Will hides up there.
This is a close-up of Cecil enjoying his new shelf and the secret treats Will hides up there.  Also, an automatic rubber band gun.

The treats entice the cats to jump up on the ledge.  Well, one day when the cats were playing up there, I discovered a piece of chocolate – little squares of dark chocolate individually wrapped – and I couldn’t reach it.  I simply grabbed the nearest thing I could find – my pullover, and flung it on the chocolate so that it would hurtle towards my head.  I usually catch things I fling towards my head, and I also try to make sure they are either small or soft.

Now, I am used to being short.  I once had a friend over, and Will had put the paper towels in this cabinet where I couldn’t reach them. My method of getting paper towels was to find the largest and longest knife we had, stand on my tip toes, stab a roll of paper towels, and sort of fling them out of the cabinet towards my head.  Paper towels are soft.  I did this in front of my well over 6′ tall friend without even thinking, “Hey, I could ask this tall person to get me those paper towels.”  My friend, smirked, and told me he could have gotten the towels for me, but I seemed to be pretty comfortable in my method.

A while ago, I bought a bottle of Moscato and asked Will to hide it away.  I would forget about it until sometime when I wanted it as opposed to just seeing it and going, “What the heck, wine!  Cheers!”  Today I asked Will where he put it.

Top shelf of the closet.

I’m sensing a theme.  Places over 5’3″ might be Hiding Places.

“So, basically, your method of hiding things from me is just to place them up high?” I said.

“Nooo….” Will said, clearly rethinking all of his hiding techniques.  “I hide things other places, too, sometimes.”

Sure, honey.  I believe you.

But hey, it is effective.  No wonder I can never find anything he hides.

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