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The Spartan Sprint Is Closer Than I Think

We are signed up and going to the Spartan Sprint at the end of April and I am JUST NOW getting out of my holiday bad food slump.  I gained weight over the holidays, and I am hoping I can drop that weight prior to the Spartan Sprint and some of the obstacles include climbing things.  I would like to have less weight to hoist over obstacles.  I have managed to lose a few pounds since being more strict with my diet and telling wine that we can only hang out on special occasions.

I’ve kept up with the 100 push-ups a day and running around the block every day, although I do have to admit I missed three days last week because I didn’t want to run on ice.  I figured that was the safer course to take.  The problem is when you miss three days in a row, it becomes easier to miss more days.  I ran on Saturday and Sunday, skipped Monday and Tuesday.  This is why our trainer had us run mile today as our Crossfit warm-up.

Will, who hasn’t been running every day like I have, kicked my butt in running, as usual.  As we were leaving Crossfit after the workout, Will told our trainer that if he wanted to have us run a mile more often as we are getting ready for the Spartan Sprint, that would be good.  Our trainer said that we could always be running on our own, and Will agreed but said that he wasn’t really.  I am behind Will mouthing the words “I am!” while pointing to myself.

We get in the car and I tell Will that I am running every day and he still kicked my butt running the mile.

“Well, you are just not the natural athlete that I am,” he said.

Which made me laugh.  Because he is right AND because today we did 6 exercises, with breaks in between, but the goal was to go as fast as we could for each one.  I beat Will 4 out of 6 times, 4 out of 7 if you count the mile warm-up.  This is over half.  I win!  😉

In addition to the Spartan Sprint, Will wanted us to sign up for a 5K the first weekend of April out at Touch of Nature, so I did that on Monday.  Another friend wants to do the Dirty Girl Mud Run in September, and a bunch of friends decided it sounded like fun so a group of us are doing that in St. Louis.

I still cannot run a mile without stopping and walking, so I have no idea what I think I am doing in these races.  I think that they will all be good motivation to keep me running everyday and working hard on the diet and exercise thing.  Because they make me nervous.  I never get nervous speaking in front of a group of people, I never got nervous trying out for plays in high school or performing them, never got nervous singing a solo, and generally don’t get nervous very often because I am hard to embarrass.   I do get nervous before these runs.  I am hoping the nerves can be translated into motivation.

One thought on “The Spartan Sprint Is Closer Than I Think

  1. Jay, don’t be nervous about the races. I think it’s awesome you signed up because it is great motivation; however, if you can’t technically “run” it all and have to walk some of it, NO ONE will judge you, I promise! I ran the Dirty Girl run last year with a few friends and one of them wasn’t ready at all to run the entire thing. I told her not to worry that we would “run/walk” it! After doing the race, I honestly don’t think I could have ran the entire thing anyway, regardless of my friend, and I run pretty long distances on a regular basis. It was on a bumpy field and the obstacles took a lot out of me. In fact, A LOT of the women in the race walked the entire thing. It was a fun day and I had a blast with my girlfriends! That is what mattered to me most, not running the entire thing!


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