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Oh, Gee, Hurt My Knees

This week my knees have been complaining since Tuesday.  Running around the block and at Crossfit yesterday, the hardest part wasn’t losing my breath which is what normally gets me, but the fact that running hurt my knees.

I’ve spent the better part of three days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.  I was really worried that it was simply running every day, but it makes little to no sense to me that 5 minutes of running a day would cause my knees this much trouble.

Sitting in front of the computer last night, I realized the problem.  I am sitting wrong.  AGAIN.

So, note to self – when my knees hurt, it is because I am sitting with my feet in my lap while my knees are bent at odd angles for hours at a time.  I keep wanting to blame exercise, but really, it is the sedentary part of my life that trips me up.

Also, I have to say that bad habits – such as sitting in a way that causes chronic knee pain – are hard to break.  I simply forget that sitting that way will cause me pain.  When the pain happens I am mystified.  What?  You mean if I keep doing the same thing I will get the same results?  Astonishing!

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