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Back To Reality, i.e. Got Lazy – Workout Dread

I had the best of intentions for Christmas.  I was going to let myself splurge here and there, but I was going to try to eat mainly on my primal/paleo diet, I was going to do WoD’s at home, and I was going to ignore the sugary sweet call of cookies.

All I managed to do successfully was stick with 100 push-ups a day.  Hooray for that win!  Go, me!

Christmas this year was somewhat idyllic for me.  We were watching my in-laws home while they visited with our family in Virginia.  They have a beautiful place, off the beaten path, and I knew that it was going to be great staying there when a flock of turkeys (and because my husband will correct me, they can also be called a rafter, a gang, or a gobble of turkeys) just kind of meandered around the back yard in full view of the windows.  They were in no hurry so I got to watch them for several minutes Christmas morning.

Then we got snowed in.  There was that lovely ice pellet rain we normally get in Southern Illinois instead of snow, but when we woke up on the 26th we had a foot and a half of snow!  It was fantastic!  Not if you had to go to work, or didn’t have a truck – then it was kind of impossible to go anywhere, but as Will and I had no where to go, a truck if we needed to go anywhere, we got to sit by a toasty fire, eat the scads of food I had brought (we were supposed to have a couple of friends come over Christmas Day and they ended up being no-shows, which was actually good as we then had enough to eat during the time we were snowed in), and play around in snow.  It was awesome.

We also were able to drink the wine we had brought.  I spent 3 days drinking wine throughout the day in between drinking water, eating meals, and playing outside.  Then two days later I read somewhere that 1 bottle of wine takes 5 miles of running to work off.  Yikes!  I would have been better off eating cookies!  Oh, wait, I ate cookies, too…

After the roads were clear and we were finally home, our trainer was still snowed in so there was no going to Crossfit.  I could have asked for a WoD to do at home, but opted to eat junk food, watch television, and laze about with the cats.

I basically spent 11 days being completely slothful and gluttonous – two out of 7 deadly sins down, only 5 to go!  What did you get for Christmas?  I bet someone got something I could envy!  😉

The last time I did a workout that wasn’t romping in 18 inch snow was December 21, so I knew today was going to hurt.  I did not want to go to Crossfit today.  I was scared of it.  After 11 days of eating and drinking like diet doesn’t matter, plus not doing much other than 100 push-ups a day, I knew that today would suck.  When Will and I both weighed ourselves this morning and found the very sad but not surprising weight gain, I was even more trepidatious about Crossfit.

I wanted to talk our trainer out of working out this morning.  Last night when texting him to see if we were on for this morning, I sincerely hoped he would say Friday instead.  He did not.  I told him that I guess we had to get back to reality at some point.

Christmas and New Year vacation is over.  Back to reality.

In addition to reality involving working out 3 times a week with yoga twice a week (although tomorrow I have work and will miss yoga, which is beyond frustrating, grrr) reality for me means going back to eating right.  I have to admit that while Christmas was completely off of my diet, I had been letting things slide here and there for a while.  Therefore, I am going to start over again with the paleo/primal diet gig with a strict 30 days of not cheating.  After I get through those 30 days, and what I am sure will be another sugar withdrawal period, I can have a cheat meal or snack every once in a while, but for now I really need to be eating healthy.  I feel better, I am happier, my acne clears up, and generally speaking most of my weird, chronic maladies go away when I am doing the diet the right way.  If the weight loss weren’t good enough incentive, the other positive factors really do help me stay on track with it.

However, during the sugar withdrawal I may be grumpy.  You’ve been warned.

We went grocery shopping today and I stocked up on veggies and chicken.  Got some avocados and other ingredients and I am going to have pico de gallo and guacamole on hand and made up as they really help make whatever I am eating taste better.  Tons of sweet potatoes for both Will and I, as he is going to go back to really counting the calories in everything he eats.  We’ve done this before, we just need to get back on track.  We are successful when we pay attention.  When we aren’t being lazy.  I do not regret being lazy over Christmas and New Year’s – I enjoyed 11 days of being lazy and having fun and sleeping in (even though I did work in there, too).  It is just that now it is time to get things back on track.  The Spartan Sprint is in April.  If I am going to be climbing over walls, I want there to be less weight on me to hoist.

Our trainer knew that it had been a while and took pity on us today and gave us an easy WoD.  He let us use kettlebells and wall balls that were lighter in weight than normal.  He gave us an easy version of what everyone else was doing.  And the WoD still kicked our butts in a very humbling way.  I think that now that we are over the initial hump of first day back it will get progressively easier, but I still have Wod Dread for Friday.  Sometimes, Crossfit causes anxiety.

In other news, I got a very nifty, very complicated watch/pedometer/heart rate monitor for Christmas that I will figure out eventually (it is a very clever device, far more clever than I).  My hope is to master it today.  Once I do, I am going to start tracking how much I walk in a day and then double it.  After a month of successfully doing that, I hope to then double that number.  They say that you should take about 10,000 steps a day, which is difficult to do when you have a sedentary job like I do.  Therefore, I need to just monitor what my normal steps are in a day and then make sure I am going above and beyond that.  I think that this will be accomplished with audiobooks on my iPod.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  I hope that everyone’s new year’s resolutions work out well!  Time to get cracking in the real world again!

One thought on “Back To Reality, i.e. Got Lazy – Workout Dread

  1. Me and you both! I had outpatient surgery on Friday, December 21st and pretty much sat around since then, eating and drinking whatever I wanted. UGH! I didn’t even get on the scale this morning. I am hoping that a day of clean eating and water will at least get the bloat down before I have to see how much I have really gained. Except for the 30 minutes I spent on the elliptical Saturday afternoon, I haven’t exercised since December 19th. I am going to be hurting this week!


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