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Partner WoD’s – Flipping Off Will

Friday we had a very long partner WoD.  Will is always my partner.  For some reason, I was having issues breathing on Friday and I was slow and sluggish.  Meanwhile, Will was hilariously full of energy, which is nice when doing a partner WoD, because he did a lot of the tough work.

This WoD took almost 50 minutes and consisted of 100 pull-ups, 150 Med Ball Tosses, 200 Kettlebell Swings, 250 Squats, and 300 sit-ups.  The only thing that saved it from being totally awful was that since it was a partner WoD one of us would work while the other rested.  With the exception of the Med Ball throws.

Our trainer had us throwing a medicine ball back and forth during one of our partner WoD’s when we were out on the field a while back and I really had fun with it.  As the field was really crowded on Friday, instead, he had us stand an either side of the taller pull up bar and toss it over the bar to each other.  Will normally uses a 20 pound med ball, while I use a 12 pound med ball.  On Friday, we used a 14 pound med ball.  The only thing we really had to do was throw it to each other, so it did not have to be a full wall ball shot where you catch the ball and go into a squat and then throw it up to a certain height.  Will barely needed to bend his knees for this, but he can also touch the pull up bar without the aid of box, something I cannot say.

Will is 8 inches taller than me and significantly stronger*.  For this exercise, he basically just stood near the bar and lightly tossed the ball to me.  Meanwhile, in order for me to get the ball over the bar, I really had to work at it.  I did not have the height advantage or strength advantage, so I really had to use most of the force and momentum of my body to get the ball over the bar.  This means I am going almost into a full squat so that the upward momentum of my body helped propel the ball over the bar.

This meant that Iwas getting winded.  Wall balls always wind me and on a day where I was already have some breathing  issues I was seriously winded.  I couldn’t really breathe to talk and Will said, “Why don’t you do like I am doing and just catch it and throw it back?  You don’t have to go all the way down into a squat.”

I wanted to tell him that he was 8 inches taller than me.  I wanted to say that we were using a ball that was 2 pounds heavier than my norm and 6 pounds lighter than his.  I wanted to say that if I didn’t get all the way into a squat, the ball simply would not make it over the bar.  I wanted say “Are you freaking kidding me?!”  However, I did not have the breath to say any of that.  What I managed was an outraged sputter of “you… taller… ball” then I gave up and just gave him the finger – which was really what he was going for.  He looked extremely pleased with himself for reducing me to sputtering followed by a rude gesture.  Will cracks himself up.

It was one of those moments where I thought it was just Will and I (and our trainer, who is used to me flipping off inanimate objects because any time I think he isn’t looking or isn’t around, like a ninja he is there seeing me act inappropriately to the gym equipment – gym equipment that on rare occasions feels like torture devices and therefore needs to be flipped off) but a lot more people were behind us judging by the laughter that erupted when I did this.

I had several kind people tell me that Will had the easier part of this particular exercise, giving me exactly the reasons I did not have the breath to articulate at the time, and it was nice to have that solidarity.  Crossfit people are an awesome bunch.

At one point during the med ball toss, Will was giving me a moment to catch my breath and noticed that my lips looked a little blue.  He figured it was lack of oxygen because I was having breathing issues and made us rest more for the remainder of the wall balls. He even at one point tossed the ball over the bar, ran to catch it himself, and then tossed it over the bar again and ran to catch it.  He did a few reps this way, prompting our trainer to ask me if Will had stolen my energy today.  Will has a tendency to lay down a bit during the morning and ask for nap reps.

He also did a few more of the kettlebell swings than I did, and a lot more squats, but that is in part because I missed a day of doing my 100 sit-ups, so I had to do 200 hundred sit-ups that day anyway, so he knew that when we got to the sit-ups, I’d do two thirds of the work so it would even out.

Will really likes the partner WoD’s.  He likes the competition part where we try to out do each other and he likes attacking the WoD as a team complete with strategy on how we will accomplish it.  He is also really sweet with some of the partner WoD’s because he often gives me a little more time to rest while he gets in a few more reps.  Our trainer has even commented a couple of times, “What a gentleman” although there may be some sarcasm laced in that comment.

Overall it was a fun, but a rough WoD.  I couldn’t laugh, sneeze, or cough without my abs hurting for the entire weekend and had some soreness in my legs.  Meanwhile, Will was really sore in his legs.  We figure that means it was a good workout.

* Will’s always been stronger than me, but since Crossfit he has gotten really strong.  He is pretty solid, and while he still has a bit of extra weight to lose, what is underneath is solid and strong.  The other night I got up to go to the bathroom, and walking back to bed I walked directly into him as it was dark, I was still half asleep, and I did not expect him to be there.  It was like walking into a wall.  I almost fell over and Will, who didn’t a budge a bit, just sort of steadied me by grabbing my elbows and wondered why on earth I would just walk right into him.

He is strong enough now that I no longer try to get into any sort of wrestling match or tickle fight, because he can pick me up and he wins rather easily.  I initially thought that since I was getting quite strong myself I would be more of a match for him, but alas, no joy.  I keep asking our trainer to stop making him stronger, but he and Will have that whole male solidarity thing going on, so no joy there.  In all seriousness, though, it is really cool that Will has gotten so much stronger and more solid through Crossfit.


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