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Retelling Story Endings

One of the reason I love my husband is that he will elaborate or retell the ending of stories to make me happy.  This is something my dad would do.  Apparently, I was a sensitive child who grew up to be a sensitive adult, or maybe the word people use is “over sensitive” so sad endings stay with me and stick in my head for a long time.  Like forever.

Over Thanksgiving my older sister was talking about how she does not like Bluegrass music, and I was agreeing that I also was not a big fan.  I cannot remember if it was a family member or friend that was trying to change her mind by telling her a story from one of the songs.  Basically, this man comes home – and for some reason I think the setting was frontier days and a log cabin, but I could be wrong – and there is blood on his dog and his baby who is sleeping in the crib.  The man loves his dog but figures if the dog is attacking the baby he has to be put down.  So this moronic asshole shoots his dog, only to later find a dead bear his dog had battled, presumably saving the baby’s life.

My older sister was horrified at the idea that this God awful story would make anyone like Bluegrass and I agreed with her.  Then the story stayed in my head prompting to me hate this imaginary man who killed his dog.

Driving home from Thanksgiving – a 6 hour drive – I tell Will, my husband, about the song and my thoughts on it, which are the following:

  • What kind of moron sees a bloody dog and doesn’t first check the dog for wounds?  Or the baby for wounds?  Is man’s best friend not allowed a little investigation prior to being shot?  Or maybe some thoughtful deliberation?
  • This man in the story deserves neither a dog nor a baby.
  • The man in this story is too stupid to live and should not be adding to the gene pool.
  • The dog should have just let the bear eat the baby if he was going to get shot regardless of his actions.
  • I hope the man gets eaten by a bear.

Will tells me that the song was only about this first part of the story.  See, the bear that died had a family and that family comes looking for the bear.  When they find the bear dead, they take their revenge by eating the man and his entire family.  The bears are happy with their vengeance and this dog-killer is no longer around to shoot brave and awesome dogs.

This cheers me immensely.  He knows that I would rather the entire family die than one dog die.  He knows that I am mainly rooting for the bears, and that I have a vengeance streak.

So, now when I think about this story, I am cheered that this dumb man who shoots a dog without bothering to investigate further and wait a while gets killed.  Because I firmly believe the man deserved to get eaten by a bear.  Sometimes, Will’s retelling of stories appeals to my bloodthirsty streak.

Will retells or expands on the endings of various depressing or upsetting stories for me quite frequently.  This is just the most recent example and one of the reasons why I love him.



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