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Winter Clothes

I am cold.  A lot.  I’ve gone from weighing 246 to weighing 185, which basically means that I’ve lost 61 pounds of insulation.  This summer was one of the hotter summers I can recall, but I tolerated the heat much more easily than I have in past summers.  However, now that we are entering fall and winter, I am finding that I am cold quite often.  Movement helps – 50 sit-ups or 100 flutterkicks while watching television is better than a blanket, but still, I get cold a lot.

I first noticed that my internal thermometer was different when Will kept rolling down his window in the car while I had the heat on full blast.  Was he crazy?  I was freezing!  However, I remember the exact opposite situation occurring in years past.  I would be in short sleeves in winter, Will would have flannel over long sleeves and a coat on but I would be dying from heat while he was freezing.  I guess I get to learn this winter how it felt for him to be freezing all the time.

Another thing I have recently discovered is that not all sizes are created equal.  I am at this awkward weight where I am no longer able to wear plus sized clothes, but regular sizes seem weird to me.  Normally, I would buy yoga pants (not just for yoga but also working out – stretchy without being spandex-y and super comfortable) from the Old Navy’s Women Plus.  Their smallest size for plus is 1x, or a 16/18.  Their largest size for regular Women’s clothing is 1X or a 16/18.  However, when you look at their online sizing chart it is different.  For Women’s Plus the size in inches for a 16/18 is Waist: 37.75-39.25 and Hips: 47-48.5 but for Women’s it is Waist: 34.5-37 and Hips 45.5-48.  Basically, size 16/18 in Women’s is a size smaller.  What if someone couldn’t find the color they wanted in a Women’s Plus 16/18 and looked at the Women’s to see if they had that color?  They’d be kind of screwed because they would be getting a completely different size.

I know that there isn’t uniformity in clothing.  I hate it, but I know it to be true.  However, it does make trying on clothes a bit more arduous than it needs to be and a bit more frustrating.  What size am I?  Depends on where you are shopping.  I am glad that I lost weight.  I am glad that I continue to lose weight, but man, buying jeans has become this dreaded task of epic proportions.  I got two pairs of jeans this week and until they are falling off of my body, I am not doing that crap again.  When did they change jeans size to be not just the regular sizes, but also a style type for your body?  So I have to find the right size and the right number or letter?  Are you kidding me?

So, yeah, I am cold a lot and hate shopping for clothes.  However, increased energy, happiness, and health do outweigh the negatives, so I am going to keep on trucking with my Primal Diet and my working out.  Probably going to fold in a little more walking and running, too, just going to make sure I am thermal underwear on when I go outside.

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