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Bad Dreams and Husbands – Or, Love the Will

I like being married.  I keep waiting to get sick of my husband, but that hasn’t happened, yet.  It is kind of odd, because lord knows he can be annoying, but I usually find him funny when he is being annoying, so it all works out somehow.

I have bad dreams.  Not all the time or always, but fairly frequently.  When we first got together, I had bad dreams on a pretty regular basis.  During these dreams, I usually wake myself up trying to scream.  For some reason, my dreams are like that old Abbott and Costello movie, where the scary monsters come but for some reason I cannot actually scream for help.  It comes out as a whisper – this is because I am asleep, but I don’t usually realize that – so my screams start off as a whisper and generally get louder and louder as I get my breath.  When I finally do end up screaming, I usually wake myself up.

When Will and I got together, I would have these dreams, but I never really got to the screaming portion because I would wake him up and he would shake me awake.  He became good enough at this technique, that I would get to the barely above whisper portion of yelling, he would nudge me a few times to snap me out of the dream and we would both fall back asleep before we were aware that we were awake.

However, lately I have been going to bed much earlier than Will, so I have plenty of time to get to yelling myself awake.  The other night I went to bed while he was still at his parent’s house, and had one of the dreams where I scream myself awake, but instead of getting to the screaming, Will shook me awake.  It was like a little miracle.  He had apparently arrived home a few minutes before and heard me yelling, and came into the bedroom to wake me up.

It was vastly comforting.  Will is wonderful at being comforting.  And sarcastic, but that is for a different post.

I asked him how long he’d been home and he said not long.  I asked if he walked in the door and heard me and he said that no, had that been the case he probably would have come rushing into the bedroom much more quickly and with weapons.  This was also comforting.

One of the things I like about being married is the interweaving of my life and habits with Will’s life and habits.  This includes weird sleeping habits.  Even if he does accuse me of being a cover or blanket anarchist.  Honestly, I have no idea how the blankets go sideways and end up weirdly rolled together.  I blame gnomes.  Will seems to think that it isn’t gnomes, but rather something I do.  Poor paranoid man.  It’s gnomes.

Many times upon getting into bed with Will, even if he is asleep, he will curl around me, or I will find myself surrounded by his arms and possibly a leg or two wrapped around mine.  It is immobilizing but comfortable.  We watched a video about this octopus that they put in a tank with sharks – they were initially worried about the octopus, but it turns out that an octopus can eat a shark (depending on size, type, etc).  They just put all 8 arms around the shark and swallow it up.  I apparently do the same immobilizing arm and leg wrap to Will when he comes to bed.  He describes this as “You were all like ‘MY shark’ when I came to bed last night.”

It is annoying to have bad dreams, however, they allow Will to shine and be heroic, if only on a small scale, but in my mind life is a series of mundane, small scale happenings.  Being heroic in the mundane, small scale things means that a person is pretty heroic in life.

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