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Continued Weight Loss, Or, Crossfit is Awesome

I keep losing weight.  I’ve been a bit worried the past few weeks because the weight loss slowed from a steady pound a week to more of a half a pound a week, then one week with just maintaining my weight.  However, I have been a bit more of a cheater with non-primal foods lately or eating a bit too much fruit, so it is just a matter of refocusing on eating the things that I know are good and having less flings with bad foods.  Weight loss decreasing when you cheat on your diet – who knew, right?

That said, as of today I have lost 60 pounds since I started at Crossfit.  I am rapidly approaching a point where my husband says I need to pay less attention to the scale – I think he is hoping I will transform into She-Hulk or the chick from the movie Nemesis 2 or something – as muscle weighs more, but I still have quite enough flab that we are not quite to that point yet.  However, I have been keeping track of the inches lost as well for when that point does occur.

                  Starting Inches            Current Inches                 Inches Lost

Chest                 47.5                              41.5                                           6

Waist                 44                                 35.5                                           8.5

Hips                   50                                 44.5                                           5.5

Neck                   15                                 13.75                                         1.25

Upper Arms      16.5                              15                                              1.5

Thigh                  31                                 26                                             5

Altogether that is 27.75 inches lost, which I am pretty pleased with.

I’ve been doing the primal diet (which is basically paleo but I get to drink milk, which I have been craving since I started changing my way of eating) for 21 weeks and when I started I weighed 206 and today I weigh 186.  So in 21 weeks, I’ve lost 20 pounds, which makes me pretty happy.  Now, some of those weeks I was stalled (apparently you shouldn’t eat four apples a day) and some weeks I lost more than one pound, but for the past two months or so it has been pretty steadily a one week, one pound kind of deal.

Also, the benefits of eating this way have helped my digestive system be much more behaved.  I was diagnosed with IBS years and years ago, and then I was told I couldn’t really have dairy or much fat or red meat.  Well, since switching to eating paleo/primal most of these digestive issues have gone away unless I eat processed foods or breads or things that are not really allowed on the diet.  Since there is no shortage of meat, dairy, or fat in my diet (although good fats like avocadoes, eggs, olive oil, etc) but my IBS is all but gone, I am going with the doctors may not have diagnosed me correctly there.  Maybe I just have trouble digesting processed junk – of which I used to eat a lot.  Will and I looked at the calorie content of one of these ring-shaped lemon cakes at Kroger that I used to buy frequently, and the entire thing was around 4000 calories.  No wonder we gained so much weight and never lost it.

Always read the nutritional label.  It should scare you into eating healthy.

I also need new clothes.  I got a few new shirts today, but since the weight loss is steady, I do not want to waste too much money on clothes that are going to be transitory.  However, I need new bras.  I normally buy bras online – they give you a guide for measuring so you order the right size.  The last time I ordered I was down to D cup – and I’d been a DD for a LONG, LONG time before that.  Today it said I was a C.  I cannot quite wrap my head around that.  I am opting to not order any online, but rather go somewhere so I can try them on, because I cannot quite believe that I am a C cup now.

The thing is, I hate shopping for clothes.  I like getting and having new clothes and shoes, but going to a store, looking through all of the store crap, trying things on to determine what size you happen to be in this particular store (sizes do not seem to be uniform anymore), and then paying for everything is just tedious and annoying.  I like to find a shirt or pants that fit, then buy a couple pairs – maybe in different colors if it is shirts – and then go home.  Then never do it again until the clothes become rag like.  Because shopping is no fun.  I feel the same way about shoes, but tomorrow I think I will force myself to get a pair of the barefoot running shoes I want.  I meant to go today, but then remembered I hated shoe shopping so I didn’t bother.

Nattering about shopping aside, the point is that this Crossfit, yoga, paleo/primal thing works.  I have not, as an adult, ever weighed so little.  I am constantly amazed at the numbers on the scale decreasing week by week.  21 weeks is a good long time to sustain something like this, so in my opinion, this stuff works long term if you put in the effort.  And this is where I give a huge thanks and shout out to Crossfit Simple in Carbondale, for putting me on the right track, for answering lots and lots and lots of questions, and for generally being around to help people like me get fit and healthy.  You guys rock!

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