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Our Crossfit Trainer Rocks

One of the best things about Crossfit is that every day it is something different.  Our trainer comes up with some of the best WoD’s.  I know that if he if tells us that he is using us as guinea pigs for a WoD it is going to be a fun one.

Those are usually Will’s favorite ones as well, because you are constantly moving, doing something different, and they are also kind of hilarious, too.  Bear crawls and broad jumps often turn into bear crawls and bunny hops which are pretty funny after a certain point.

Our trainer came up with one WoD where everything we did was a surprise.  Basically, he had us get the equipment out for a variety of exercises, but did not tell us how many of what we were doing, or in what order.  He would let us know right after we completed one exercise what the next was.  It was a fun WoD and one where we did a million different exercises.  He said that normally WoD’s focus on a specific muscle group but that occasionally it was good to do a variety.

Another one we did was 15 dips, bear crawled across the indoor field at our gym, then we did 15 hand stand push-ups (I kneel on a box for these to prevent breaking my neck or taking twenty years to complete), long jumped back across the field, did 15 push presses, bear crawled across the field for 75 sit-ups and then long jumped back for 150 jump ropes.  Round two was the same only with 10 dips, hand stand pushups, and push presses, 50 sit-ups, and 100 jump ropes.

There was one he had us do that was really cool.  Again, set up on the field, instead of going across, he had us go around.  At each quarter of the field, we would do a different exercise.  To get to that part of the field we would bear crawl, do walking lunges, run, or something else pretty fun.  The “station” type of work out is usually interesting enough that you don’t realize how much it is kicking your butt.

Yesterday we did a partner Fran.  Fran is named workout, which is usually a sign that it will be difficult.  You do 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and then pull-ups.  For the partner WoD of this, I did 21 thrusters, waited while Will did his, then I did 21 pullups, waited while Will did his, then I did 15 thrusters … you get the idea.  It was very fun and our trainer said that we probably worked harder this way as we knew we were getting a rest in between.  I know that I worked harder because I knew I would have a bit of a breather in between reps.  You can push yourself pretty far if you know in advance that you will get time to catch your breath.  Well, almost catch your breath.

I think part of the reason Crossfit works so well for Will and I is that we never get bored.  Sometimes I look at the board and see what we are expected to do and think, “Seriously?!” but we always manage to do it, so that incredulity has worn off for the most part.  Partly because when I look at the board and think that it is going to be a simple one, it tends to be a real challenge.  I have no real gauge on these things, yet.  Fran looks easy as it is only two movements 21-15-9, but your arms start to noodle, and if you do them quickly, which is part of the point, you can really end up feeling it.  With Crossfit, if it looks easy, it often isn’t.

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