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Stupid Feet

Today, doing very short sprints in Crossfit, I fell.  I don’t know exactly what happened – I have stupid feet.  I don’t know if my foot landed wrong, or if it twisted or skidded, but something happened that pitched me forward.  I tried to just run faster – I figured if I could just get my feet out in front of me faster than I was falling that maybe balance would return.  Alas, it was not to be.  I fell forward, somehow turned it into a roll and got up and limped the rest of the way back.

Since the workouts are timed, I was pretty happy that the roll was more or less forward moving.

Of course both our trainer, Scott, and Will were facing me during this time so they got to watch me fall.  Good times.  I don’t know how Will manages to be looking right at me every time I do something stupid or self injurious at Crossfit, but God love him, he does.  Scott asked if I was ok and I was mainly embarrassed – who trips over AIR for God’s sake?  I did assure Scott that I was ok.  Nothing sprained or broken or twisted.  He asked what happened, and I think my right foot landed wrong – like all of the weight on the outside rim of the foot which caused the ankle to buckle and topple me forward.  However, this is just a guess based on what was hurting immediately after the event, because what I was mostly aware of was “Oh, crap, I am going to fall on my face!” Which is not really helpful to analyzing what went wrong in the first place.

Currently, the top of my right foot hurts, which makes no sense to me, but whatever.  Stupid feet.

One of the things I plan on doing when I get some extra money is buy some different shoes.  I think I want to transition to the types of shoes that are more like having bare feet, as everything I’ve read says that this is beneficial and helpful.  Scott recommended this to Will because of Will’s back issues and said you can basically just get a pair of converse or “skate shoes” as most of the brand name shoes are super expensive.  A lot of people like vibrams, but I hate having anything in between my toes so that rules them out.  I don’t know if different shoes will prevent me from tripping over my own feet in the future – I kind of doubt that it will help in that regard, but they should be helpful in other areas.

In good news, I am getting better at double unders.  Today our warmup consisted of 30 double unders, or double under attempts.  Scott has me doing single, single, double under as this seems to help me get into the rhythm of the thing.  This morning the first set I did without stopping.  I also think I did more than 30, because I was so amazed that I was doing it without tripping on the rope that I lost count again and had to start the count over after several had gone by.

Will, who is not as good at jumping rope as I am, was less pleased for me as I finished while he was still working on his third or fourth one.

“Meanwhile, this is going to take me forever, so are you going to just stand there and talk to me and distract me from getting this done?” he said.

“Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do and you’ll never finish the warm up, bwahahaha.”

Luckily, he has a good sense of humor.  I really think that one of the things that is most beneficial in a spouse is someone who can laugh when tense or irritated instead of just getting more irritated or tense.

Once we were done with the workout, he blamed the stupid feet/falling incident on a lack of sleep the night before.  I went to bed on time, but I slept very poorly for no real reason that I can see.  Maybe he is right.

Other than that, nothing earth shattering to report.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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