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Graying Out and Crossfit

I found out a while back that Will has never passed out.  I have a couple of times.  The first time was when I gave blood in high school.  It was the second or third time I had given blood, but for some reason that one had me out cold.  As an aside, I hate smelling salts or whatever the modern equivalent is.  Nasty, evil stuff.

From there, I have passed out a couple more times, usually when someone is trying to extract my blood with a needle.  I don’t have a fear of needles really, I just seem to pass out a lot when needles try to steal my blood.

I was telling Will several months ago that I had had difficulty with a WoD and that I kept trying to gray out. 

“You know how everything kind of starts going gray around the edges and gradually everything goes gray right before you pass out?”  I said.

“No,” he said.

It was a short conversation.

Anyway, there are some workouts where this kind of thing happens to me.  The first step is dizziness, then the dizziness is followed by the graying and I usually have to stop whatever it is I am doing and get my head to my knees or lower.  It always pisses me off, too.  I mean, nothing wrecks getting a good time like STOPPING ENTIRELY.

Today’s workout, on the surface, didn’t look too bad.  I forget that my trainer is a tricky, tricky man and no WoD’s are easy.  It was 50/35/20 reps of Push Press, Ring Rows, and Double Unders.  I didn’t like going back to ring rows after doing rubber band pull-ups, but figured that it would be a change of pace and relatively easy.


The ring rows, of all things, kicked my ass.  Which really makes little sense to me.  I spent the majority of my time in Crossfit doing ring rows.  They aren’t easy, but they should not be the kind of thing that causes the dizziness and graying outness.  I actually had to stop at one point and kneel down and just focus on breathing so that the graying receded from my vision.  It was either that or pass out entirely, which I hear is even worse for your time.  Seriously annoying.

The first round of 50 sucked and I really wanted to quit and just go home.  However, when the next two rounds have lower numbers it is difficult for me to convince myself that this is in any way a good plan.  I mean, 50 was the hard round, everything else should be easy.  During the round of 50 I felt sick to my stomach.  During the round of 35 I felt like I was going to gray out.  The round of 20 went pretty smoothly, though.

I always consider it a win when I feel intensely like going home and I push through anyway.  The joy I get from finishing a WoD on the days when I do not want to do it is pretty intense.  I was happy for hours after and while a lot of that may be endorphins or whatever other happy chemicals are released through exercise quite of bit of it is knowing that I did it anyway.  That I pushed through something I didn’t think I could do.  I will think that I cannot do something and then I do it anyway.  Always a win to have that happen.  I like knowing that I am capable of doing so much more than I think.

In good news, I think that I am getting better at doing double-unders.  I had a run of like 3 or 4 successful attempts in a row.  I was so excited about it that I totally last track of what number I was on and therefore went back to the last number I could remember doing, but it was still a pretty fun run of double-unders.  However, immediately following that run of success my feet forgot how to jump and I had trouble just getting a single-under accomplished.  It was kind of like I’d spent all of my skill in those few successes and everything after that was a bit awful.  However, the success part means that I am going to be able to get this whole double-under thing down soon and that is what I am going to hang onto.

So, while not my best day it wasn’t my worst day either.  I finished without losing my lunch or passing out and even got a “Good job” from my trainer.  Therefore, I consider it a win.


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