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And Time to Rest

Woke up Monday and felt awful.  I had dreams that I was smoking again and felt like I couldn’t breathe most of the night and woke up feeling congested and lethargic, with a sore throat.  Opted to stay home from Crossfit for the first time in a long time.  I hate to miss Crossfit, but I was exhausted.  Like, fall asleep while walking exhausted.  So I went back to sleep for two more hours.  Woke up for an hour and then took a two hour nap.

It is weird, and I am knocking on wood heavily right now, but the last two times I have felt like I was actively coming down with something, I have just ended up super sleepy.  I sleep for a couple of days and I am fine.  I still lose time on those days, but at least I do not feel like death warmed over.

The good news is with all of the sleep early on Monday I was still able to go and meet my mom at the Muny for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which neither Will nor I had seen before.  It was a great show and I was glad we were able to see it.  However, we didn’t get home until 1:00 am which is about 4-5 hours later than I like to be in bed.  I still had the sore throat on Tuesday and the lethargy, so I figured I would just stay home all day and baby myself so it didn’t turn into anything worse.

Today we had Crossfit again.  I am still sleepy all the time and I really didn’t feel like going but figured if I went I could always opt out of working out if I needed.  The running and warm up were KILLER.  I was totally sweaty and one of the other trainers asked me which workout we we doing and I said sheepishly, “Oh, um, yeah, still on the warm up.”

The workout was not as bad as it could have been.  75 Pullups.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, every time you rest in between sets you have to do a 100 meter farmer’s walk with over 20lb weights.  I figured even that would be easy as I did a farmer’s walk with 1 pood (roughly 36 pounds in each hand) on Friday.  I did not take into account that my arms would hate me by this point.  Also, the directions say ‘every time you take your hands off the bar’ so I figured I would just rest with my hands on the bar.  However, Scott is smarter than that (or possibly on to us) and said that any time we put our feet on the ground (or for me, the box because I am too short to reach the pull up bar, even the lowest one) we had to do the farmer’s walk.  It took me about 21 minutes.  I did roughly 5 sets of 15 each, so four Farmer’s Walks in the middle and my arms STILL hurt.

For the record, I prefer using kettlebells for farmer’s walk over dumbbells.  Dumbbells have the weight on either side, which tends to hurt my grip as I must not be grasping them evenly.  With kettlebells, all of the weight is in the middle, so it feels more balanced.  However, during the picking of weights I was in the rest room, so Scott picked out two 25 pound dumbbells for me.  I didn’t even realize until today that dumbbells were harder.

I’ve been doing ring rows instead of pullups for about year now, but over the past month or two switched to rubber band pullups.  I no longer need ALL of the rubber bands, just two of the thickest ones.  I still feel like the rubber bands are going to shoot me like Wiley Coyote over a bluff, but if it didn’t happen when I had all of the rubber bands, it probably isn’t going to happen now.

However, the downside is that someone has to pull the rubber bands down for me.  Again, I am short, and even though I try every single time to pull the rubber bands down low enough for my foot to be looped by them, I have yet to accomplish this.  Scott and Will both helped me at various points.  I have a constant fear of accidentally kicking one of them in the face.  Well, that is not true.  I fear kicking Scott in the face.  Will, not so much.  He once let go of the rubber bands in such a way that nearly knocked me off of the stool, then laughed because he’s evil.  So with him, I try to mainly not fall.  My priorities when dealing with rubber bands tend to be: 1. Don’t kick Scott (or Will, so ok, he’s evil, but I like his face) in the face
2.  Get foot in rubber band loop 3. Don’t fall 4. Don’t fall with foot in the loop as it will be not only painful, but quite the graceless sight of arms and legs akimbo.

Anyway, the thing I was excited about and the reason for this entire post is that I actually completed the workout today.  I woke up feeling like crap, pretty certain I would not be able to do the WoD.  The warmup made that more of a certainty instead of less of one, but I still did the WoD just fine.  Probably not my best score ever, but on days like today finishing was my primary goal.  Well, finishing and not falling off of my pullup box while my foot was still trapped in rubber bands.  I met those two goals splendidly and then sat, breathing heavily and grinning like a fool while Will finished his workout.

Oh, did I mention that I beat his time?  Today is totally full of nifty accomplishments.


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