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Crossfit Warping – Running is Fun

We’ve been working more on running both at Crossfit and on my own.  Since I told our trainer that I wanted to do the Spartan Sprint in 2013, he’s been giving me homework.  The first bit was to hike a creekbed, the second was to jog.  I am jogging around three times a week now, unless the Crossfit WoD is particularly heavy on running.  I ran 6 laps (ok ATTEMPTED to run 6 laps, it was more like 5 with some walking) on Monday so I didn’t run on Tuesday but did go for a lengthy walk.

Yesterday, prior to going to yoga I ran in my neighborhood.  After yoga, Will kidnapped me to help him deliver papers on campus.  We got this done pretty quickly as we divided the work up between the two of us.  For several of my legs of delivery I just ran them.  Because it seemed like fun.

I never thought just running somewhere would be fun.  It was though.

This is how Crossfit warps your mind.

It is not that I liked running, I liked that I could run.  I am by no means a distance runner and by the standards of people who run for long periods of time or for long distances, I am still in the land of the wussy.  But for me, compared to MY all time best running ever, well, that was yesterday.  I am going to be running again this weekend, and I am betting that the next time I run will be my all time best running ever.

Improvement is addicting.

Our trainer is confident that in two or three months I will be able to run a mile.  Never in my life – as in the history of my ENTIRE life – have I been able to run a mile.  They made us do that in school, and even when I was a kid I couldn’t run a mile.

When I do run a mile, I may throw a party.  Then the time after I run a mile, I will run a bit farther than a mile.

I doubt that I am ever going to be a runner.  I love Crossfit, and running is part of the challenges of Crossfit, so I want to be good at it, but it isn’t really my thing.  However, it will be a thing I can do.  Another tool in the toolbox, so to speak.  Because let’s face it, when the zombie apocalypse comes, running is going to be a useful ability.

Other things I can do since Crossfit:

Catch things that are thrown to me.

Toss things and have those things hit their target.

Walk up and down steps without pain.

Carry more groceries inside, including large bags of cat food and bird food without help.

Sleep better.

I am sure that this list could be longer, but I have to go to work now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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