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Chicken and Crockpot, Random Foods Added

I like to cook.  However, sometimes, I get tired of cooking.  I get tired of planning meals and thinking of ideas.

I thawed a huge bag of chicken breasts in order to marinate them, then bake them.  What I have done in the past is take a huge batch of them, cook them, put them in serving size baggies, and then just eat one of the baggies with whatever veggies are lying around when I get hungry.  Easy.

Well, I thawed the chicken, then did not marinate it.  This morning I realized that while the chicken was still good, this wouldn’t be the case for much longer.  I did not want to make a marinade.  I didn’t want to dice chicken or veggies.  Basically, I didn’t want cook.

Which is why I have a crockpot.

One of the staples of my pantry is canned diced tomatoes as well as Rotel (diced tomatoes with green chilies).  Rotel is magic.  It makes anything taste good as it gives a little kick.

When I cook in the crockpot, it is really a matter of just looking around at what I have, thinking, “This might be good, too” and throwing a bunch of it in the pot.  Today’s crockpot creation was pretty easy and quick – did it in five minutes while Will was putting his shoes on for Crossfit.

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can Rotel

2 poblano peppers chopped coarsely (large chunks)

1 onion, sliced in large chunks

Bag of chicken breasts (about 6)

salt and pepper

Italian seasoning (I would have picked and used some of the oregano growing outside, but again, was going for speed)

Then I rummaged in the freezer and found two bags of collard greens.  I dumped those into the pot, too.


It turned out very nice.  Sometimes my random crockpot creations are good and sometimes they are not.  Random can be fun or it can be something only Will would eat, and then only with lots and lots of Sriracha.  While he may put Sriracha on his when he gets home (he likes Sriracha), I was pretty pleased with how this turned out.  Very edible.

If I had more time I would have added garlic, as I put garlic in most things, but I do not feel like I was missing anything.  I would also have used the oregano growing fresh outside.  Now that everything has cooked down, I wish I had two additional bags of collard greens to add to the mix, as it is pretty chicken heavy.  However, when doing random crockpot food, you work with what you can throw in.  I am just happy the result ended up being tasty instead of a vehicle for Sriracha.




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