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No Screen Wednesday

Last week Will suggested we have a day without electronics.  Since that is very broad and includes things I really like such as lights, stoves, etc we narrowed down what he meant.

No screens is the basic idea and no internet.  A regular Kindle on airplane mode for reading is fine.  I hate wearing cheaters and can make the font bigger in Kindle and have tons of books only accessible via Kindle.  Cellphones, due to the barrage of messages is not ok and must be turned off.

Deciding which day proved more difficult as I work from home and need both computer and internet to be able to work.  I get a lot of clients from Facebook and Facebook Messenger, so I try to always keep a window to messenger open if possible.  My trade-off for being able to work from home without co-worker interruptions and the ever present evil of fluorescent lights is that I am mostly on call all the time.  But I get to wear pj’s at work, so I’m ok with it.

Even when I’m not signed in at Psychic Center, clients I have that are local or who know me personally tend to reach out at random times throughout the week.  I tend to try to drop what I’m doing to do a reading or whatever the client/friend is wanting.  Lately though, I haven’t really been much good past 4 or 5 in the afternoon.  I’m tired, my brain is mush – I’ve said Will more than a few times that I’d answer or try to help the person but at a certain point you have to recognize when you aren’t going to be helping.

I reach a point of brain-tired where I can listen, and I can take in what is being said, but that’s about it.  If someone wants a tarot reading when my brain is mush I feel like they aren’t getting what they are paying for.  To paraphrase Miracle Max, you have a tired tarot reader, you get shitty tarot readings.  Shitty as in inaccurate, not helpful, repetitious.

With the whole Covid thing, I have the same brain fog everyone else does.  I’m lucky enough to work from home, so I haven’t had to worry about being out of work, but I’m still suffering through the Covid-fog that a lot of us are dealing with.  Talking to a friend online about how we are “getting nothing done” and I realized, she and I are getting nothing done OUTSIDE of work.

We are still actually working.  Which is doing something.  But we are so ingrained to think that we have to work every single day until we die that we don’t even count it as productivity.  It’s a given.

Picking a day to be completely out of reach was difficult.  I finally came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a single day that I could be out of touch.  I have a book video chat on Sunday afternoons, which is my usual day off.  Since this chat is with people I am not quarantined with it’s pretty important to me because I need some fun.

“I don’t think we can do this right now.  I talk to clients every day,” I said to Will.

“I know,” he said grumpily, giving me that pointed look of his.  Ah, so we are doing this in part because Will – have I mentioned he has been home all of the time since mid-February? – thinks I am working too much.  Which basically means telling him that this won’t work due to work is going to be a failing argument.

I picked my slowest day, at least lately, Wednesday.  And we turned off everything but Will’s phone.  My mother took exception to this, but Will doesn’t get as many phones calls/messages as I do and we both feel like we should have one line open for emergencies.

Wednesday was interesting.  First of all, doing this type of thing while actively grieving a loss (we miss you, Ray, like you wouldn’t believe) is pretty painful.

There’s nothing to really distract you from it so you have to just deal with the fact that reality sucks a bit more, and that someone that should be there isn’t.  The first part of the day we cried a lot.

Second part of the day, Will got a lot of stuff done.  Cleared out his office looking for the players handbook for the first D&D module.  He wants to have me play it in the same order they came out to see the progression.  He cleaned and organized for hours and it never appeared.  However, he got a lot done and that was nice.

Mostly it was kind of boring.  I read a book on how to play Mah-Jongg and wrote some letters, but just didn’t do a whole lot.  I enjoyed not having the constant anxiety of “am I supposed to be doing something?” that I usually have.  It was nice and we are going to try to do this on Wednesdays for a while.

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Viruses Suck For Everyone

Social media is beset with whiners and crazy people.  I live in Illinois, where Gov. Pritzker has done an excellent job of keeping Illinoisans alive, in spite of their objections and stupidity.  Now that he has unveiled the stages of opening up the state, people are acting like he has murdered their children.

Ya’ll know he didn’t make the virus, right?  He’s just listening to the experts and following the model of damn near every other country trying to fight the virus.

None of this should need to be said, but as the stupidity of the general populace continues to surprise and overwhelm me, I’ll say it anyway:

  • Pritzker isn’t in charge of the virus.  He didn’t make it.  He isn’t “keeping you home” he is asking you to stay home.  He isn’t “forcing you to wear a face mask” he is asking you to wear one.  When someone asks you to do something while saying repeatedly that they are not going to mandate police crack down on it, then where is the force?  Ya’ll aren’t listening and why do you have to act like you are oppressed here?  Literally, he is asking you to try to not fucking murder your friends and neighbors.  And you hate him for making a request?  A REQUEST?!? You aren’t showing your patriotism here by refusing, you are showing your complete disregard for others and your inability to listen and understand words.
  • This all sucks for everyone for the most part.  It sucks for everyone in different ways, but it still sucks for everyone.  You aren’t special or alone in this sucking.
  • None of this is about you.  Other than having to be a considerate member of society, none of these guidelines target anyone specifically.  They target the virus.  The virus that is killing people, including health care workers.
  • Your religious freedom isn’t being infringed upon because you aren’t allowed to go into a packed church and breathe in and out all of the germs therein.  You know they are doing online services now?  You can attend church online and not MURDER the other people there.  While there is a lot of misinformation out there, like some places say that social distancing should be 20 feet not 6, almost all of the information supports large groups equal large amount of people infected.  I’m honestly surprised at how many people hate their church families so much they want them all to die this way.  Even Southern Illinois’ very own Teri Bryant thinks that this infringes on her freedom.  I had no idea she was so stupid and so partisan or that she wanted her constituents dead, but here we are in the worst timeline where everyone is relentlessly evil for no fucking reason.
  • Making this political is getting people killed.  Every person that whines about masks or not being able to be a barfly or social distancing or what the fuck ever seem to be doing so from a weirdly political stance.  Covid kills Democrats, Republicans, non voters, and everyone else in the same way.  Did you know that it is even killing people who aren’t Americans and have NOTHING to do with our politics?  This is beyond stupidity.  At this point, all of these fools are making the stay at home order longer, so I completely blame them.
  • Compliance in public health isn’t an issue of freedom it is an issue of a functioning society.  Your individual needs are not more important than someone’s life, even if that person has different politics from you.  That’s why murder is illegal.  The people making this political are literally getting people killed.  Yeah, Teri Bryant, that includes you, you stupid little fool.
  • You hate Pritkzer and how he wants to keep his constituents alive so you are going to move.  FUCKING MOVE ALREADY.  I hear you all talking about moving, but instead you sit here and bitch and do nothing productive.  Either move already or shut the fuck up.  The more of you people that move the better.  Missouri is open, go there.  I hear Iowa is open, too.  Bye.
  • Lots of other countries wear face masks during outbreaks of various things.  It isn’t a big deal.  I’m asthmatic, I get anxiety attacks, and I hate confined spaces, but I figure drowning in my own lungs is worse, so I’ll just suck it up and wear one.  Also, if I am some asymptomatic carrier, I would be completely and totally devastated if I unwittingly gave this to someone else, especially if that resulted in their death and wearing a mask helps prevent this.  Also, there are actually a lot of really cute masks out there.  This doesn’t have to be awful – you are just making it that way.  You are supposed to make lemonade with lemons, not squirt them into your own eyes.
  • Normal doesn’t exist anymore so stop talking about “getting back” to normal.  Any semblance of “normal” is going to be 2021 or later, if then.  We have discovered through this that companies can work remotely, children can learn remotely, and that our supply chain is more vulnerable than previously imagined.  Remember all of the rules, regulations, and crap that went into effect after 9/11?  Patriot act, anyone?  Only 3000 people died in the attacks on the twin towers.  We are losing that number of people EVERY DAY.  And rising. If you don’t think that alone will prompt some new legislation, new normals,  and new ways of looking at and doing things, you are not paying attention.
  • Fuck the economy.  If we are to believe that capitalism works, then LET THE BIG CORPORATIONS FAIL.  If we lose some big corporations that might suck for a while, but people will fill that void.  That is how capitalism is supposed to work.  The CDC mentioned masks one day, and my entire FB feed was full of different ones to buy or order that same week.  If we’d just stop pouring all of this money into businesses that clearly can’t sustain a workable model. then we’d see a lot more individuals and small businesses coming up in the wreckage.  Instead, due to Trump and the GOP we have corporate welfare, where companies take millions/billions/trillions from taxpayers without giving anything back in return.  For all of you people out there so upset about “the economy” try to realize that for some of us, losing a family member or friend to a virus is going to have a higher priority than some corporate behemoth tanking because they don’t know how to run a business.  When you talk about the economy while 3k Americans die every day, you don’t just sound evil, you sound completely morally unhinged and beyond sociopathic.  And not to keep beating the 9/11 horse, but we were in a recession after that for YEARS.  We are having 9/11 deaths daily – do you really think that we will have a better economy than post 9/11 if people keep dying in record numbers?  We won’t.  I mean, beyond the undertakers.
  • The GOP and these big corporations have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that they don’t care about you.  They are willing to kill you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and anyone else that gets in the way of their profit margin.  They aren’t the ones who will be working when the economy opens back up, you will be, and if you die they won’t be sad, they will just replace you.  Because they don’t care if you live or die.  You are a cog in their machine, nothing more.

There is no way around this sucking.  It sucks.  People are dying, losing jobs, losing businesses, losing their minds, etc.  It is going to be a while before you can do whatever you want to do, and I feel you, it sucks.  But it is a far sight better than the alternatives.

But keep in mind it is because of a virus, not because Pritzker is being mean to you.

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Cage the Cats

The road in front of our house has a 25 MPH posted speed limit, but few people go less than 45 MPH on the street.  This street has been awful to cats – we used to have a next door neighbor who had an outdoor cat.  This cat had kittens and the road ate them all.  My sister worked as a vet tech for years and said that the life expectancy for a cat is around 10-15 years, unless they are an outside cat, then it is 2 years.

When we first moved here, our cat Gremlin was allowed outside, but this was due to vocal torture.  We tried to keep that dude inside, but he really wanted to go outside and if he couldn’t go outside, he would just sit at the door and meow.

Gremlin, Meow King


For hours.

Never stopping.

Will once tried to outlast him, and Will is impressively stubborn about some things.  After about 6 hours of nonstop meowing from Gremlin Will realized that Gremlin had nothing on his schedule, nothing better to do all day than meow at the door.  Meanwhile, Will had school and work and sleep and couldn’t just listen to a very loud cat screaming all day.  So Gremlin was allowed outside and we just made peace with the fact that he might die sooner because of it.  When he passed at 9 due to kidney failure we decided that all future cats would be inside cats.

He would meow to be let in and out so often friends would open the door for him.  It took Will a while after Gremlin to not just open the door when he heard a meow.

Will created a cat balcony for the cats, so they can go outside without getting hit by a car or attacked by another animal.  They love the balcony, even in the rain and during winter.  Our thought is that they should have a secondary balcony that allows them to see the backyard.  Will got two very large animal cages from somewhere, and we are trying them out to see how they like them.


They love them.  Well, they love going outside, and if that means being inside a cage, then ok.  Well, Cecil and Joey Bear Scarface are pretty content with the cages.

Shadow is not a fan and is pretty sure that we are going to murder him.  He doesn’t like being in the pet carrier when going to the doctor, either.  I feel like this little dude has a fairly traumatic backstory of being put in a cage and dumped.  Will did find him at the side of the road.

Will & Shadow

The thing is even cats cats have FOMO (fear of missing out) and when two out of three cats get to go outside the third cat has strong feelings about it.  When we do let Shadow outside he goes to the side of the house, he keeps the door in sight, and he runs back inside if there are cars anywhere around.  Will put the cage by the back door, and sat next to it, with his hand inside the cage, so that Shadow knew we were not going to murder him.  The first few times, he just freaked out so we put him back inside.

Then waited a week.

Dramatic Joe

A week of all of the cats, both human and furred, going outside without him was too much.  He started following me everywhere (which he does anyway, there’s a reason for his name beyond him being a black-ish cat) and sitting on me.  He was very underfoot until we allowed him back outside.  This time, after a week of watching the other cats in the cages, he was more mellow.  Will put the smaller of the cages behind some tall grass, and he hunkered down, basically hiding in the grass.  With the grass as cover, he had a pretty good time – as long as someone pet him when he meowed.

JoeyBear in the Sun
Joey, enjoying the outside air

And I get it.  I wouldn’t want someone – even someone I liked and trusted – to put me in a cage unless I could get out on my own again.  And even then, probably not going to happen.

Several years, I had low vitamin D and so I was told to go outside and sit in sunlight a couple times a day.  I bought a cat harness to see if one of the cats would even wear it.  Out of 3 cats, only Cecil would wear it.  So Cecil got to go outside with me until it became apparent that no harness could hold him.


I don’t even know how he does it.  I’ve been staring right at him when he Houdinis out of the harness and I STILL don’t know what he does.  My leading theory is he phased out of it.

When it became apparent that he was going to jump out of the harness and hide under the front porch, I stopped letting him go outside with me.

It has been over 4 years, but the cats have not forgotten that they were once upon a time allowed outside and therefore should be again.  The quarantine has made this true.

There is a toy mousie RIGHT THERE but shredding paper towels is just more fun

We do not leave them outside alone.  A cat in a cage by itself seems very vulnerable in my mind, and people do talk about pets going missing from the backyard.  Growing up, someone poisoned our dogs more than once, so I pretty much never leave them outside alone out of deep paranoia.

Also, Joey Bear Scarface is already studying the cages, looking for weaknesses.  The entire reason he has a scar on his nose is from escaping one of the previous balconies.  Will secured it and Joey was so determined to escaped, he cut his nose on the chicken wire.  Balcony 2.0 doesn’t have chicken wire for Joey reasons.


ALL of this is to show some pictures of our cats enjoying the spring, eating grass they will later puke up on the carpet inside, and smelling the air while watching birds.

Oh, and Cecil will meow at us if it is too sunny until we either move the cage to some sun and some shade, or we put a board on top of the cage giving him the shade he needs.  I think I may have spoiled him.

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Covid and the Internet

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is an uptick of people being completely irrational online.  For example, a gif of a man walking into a cave that gets brighter was posted.  Before I google, I decide to see if a helpful soul has already explained this (light refraction) and then I thank the kind soul who already did this work for me and put a little smiley face.

She responds that I can take my sarcasm and shove it.

What?  I cannot tell you how unsnarky my comment was – I was genuinely trying to show appreciation.

People talking politics are always going to be hostile towards one another, but it has reached new levels of insanity.  I’ve tried to steer away from political discourse (not terribly successfully) and focus on the groups online that are more about cats, and funny pictures, and other things.  Because I need the distraction from worrying about if any of my family members are going to die from this.

I get that the world is basically going through the phases of grief.  I’ve tried to be respectful of it even, but I’m part of the world, too.  I get to have my own grief.

One of the things I envy about other countries is their sense of being in it together when it comes to this.  We’ve been told to wear masks to protect others, but every person in a mask gets harassed.  Why?  Other countries take public health much more seriously.  Some of them have to simply because of population density.  The US is so busy shouting FREEDOM and licking toilets that any concept of us all being in this together doesn’t exist.

There are actually people living in Southern Illinois who feel that since Covid only gets the fat and unhealthy (someone actually sad this, as if thinness somehow prevents viral infections) so they can go out as much as they want.  The fact that they are carriers doesn’t matter to them because they themselves won’t die of it.  They just don’t care if they are killing you or your family members because if they can’t get sick, who cares if anyone dies?

Related, they are all either nonvoters or Trump supporters, go figure.  And if it weren’t for the fact that they are killing other people, I’d say more power to them.  Stick your head in the sand and hopefully the virus will weed out the problem.  Except viruses don’t work that way.  Viruses don’t care about your politics, at all.

There are people who poo-poo’ed me for canceling an event on March 28th who are now crying all over Facebook about how scary the whole pandemic is.  That only happened after they were designated an “essential worker” by their company but before that designation the virus was no big deal and we should just “keep an eye on it” as if you can watch a virus that is asymptomatic for up to 14 days.  As if you can keep watch on any kind of fucking virus.  Needless to say, my pity for this person who attacked the shit out of me and is now crying in fear is nonexistent.

If you only care about a problem when it affects you directly, then I have no sympathy for you.  You don’t have any for others so you don’t get any from me.

Most of this me just rambling my frustrations.  I’ve worked from home for over a decade, so the staying in thing isn’t as difficult for me as it is for others.  The internet is my way of trying to stay in touch with humanity, but over the past two weeks, the internet hasn’t been full of people acting like we are in this together, it has been more people just being pissed and therefore in attack mode.

It’s not helpful.

I think in times where we are stressed or hurting we seek an active connection to others, but right now, I think I will find that connection in books.  People are straight trash right now and I just need a break from the constant barrage of negativity.

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Flash Season 4 Review

As with all my reviews, there are spoilers aplenty, so feel free to skip this if you haven’t seen the season and don’t want to be spoiled.

I find season 4 to have some of the best and worst moments of the Flash.  What I like in this season, I truly and fully love in full fan-girl mode, but the bad is SO bad.  Just so SO so bad.

So, let’s start with the bad so we can end on an up note: DeVoe.  I really hate the entire “bad guy for the season” trope as it just makes the heroes look like incompetent fools most of the time.  What do the people of Central City think?  The Flash only gets rid of really bad metas in May?  Like, seriously, do a couple of a bad guys a season, this one evil villain for the whole season bullshit is old, played out, and just fucking BORING.

DeVoe kicks their asses all season long.  They have few, if any, wins against DeVoe.  The entire season is painful to watch because Team Flash fails over and over and over and over and over again, ad nauseum.  It’s difficult to watch, and not that enjoyable either.  I get that sometimes drama is mined from the angst of losing, but in every fucking episode with DeVoe?  Really?  This made me actively HATE the writers for forcing this storyline down my throat.

Also, I hate Marlize.  If you made a drinking game of how many times they say “my love” to each other you’d be hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.  Who the fuck talks that way?  Her reasons for taking part in the enlightenment aren’t really well fleshed out – she got injured because someone stole her tech so it makes sense to her to mind wipe the entire world?  On what planet is that sane?  Also, her weird competition with Iris over who was the more devout wife was bizarre and sexist as fuck.  I do like Iris asking Marlize what she’s willing to do the for the world whereas Marlize asked Iris what Iris was willing to do for her husband.  Marlize feels like some sort of weird 1950’s throwback and her turnaround at the end does not make me hate her any less.  I wish she’d died along with DeVoe.

Also, did they really need to pull a whole “Flowers for Algernon” plot for Harry?  Seriously, it did nothing but piss me off that they made him stupid.  And can we talk for a minute about how impatient and assholish Cisco is when someone doesn’t get what he is saying?  He was downright fucking abusive to HR and while he helps Harry the whole plotline seemed tired, stupid, and a waste of screen time.  You have these talented actors, can’t you give them something decent to do instead of stealing plots from every fucking sci-fi show in the history of the universe?  I don’t know why sci-fi writers have such a hard-on for “Flowers for Algernon” but just stop already.

Upon re-watching this season, it has the most episodes I just skip entirely and it has the most fast forwarding of any season to date because it is miserable to watch.  How many friendly bus metas did we have to see DeVoe brain suck right in front of our incapacitated heroes?  Why, all of them!  It’s a miserable season where they lose constantly.  Now, most of the bus metas are assholes, but the nice ones dying is more than a little demoralizing.

They could have left DeVoe powerful but still allowed Team Flash some wins, but I guess that isn’t enough angst-porn for these fuckers.  I know the hero can’t win all the time, but when he gets his ass kicked repeatedly and for stupid reasons it really does make for an annoying and unenjoyable watch.

While I like Caitlin and Killer Frost, Caitlin’s obsession with her alter ego to the point of selling out her team over and over and over and over and over again makes me really hate her at times.  The writers need to stop using Killer Frost as a reason for Caitlin to act like a selfish bitch to the whole team.  When it comes to her alter ego she’d sell out Team Flash in a second, and can we just have her get the fuck over it already?  “I hate Killer Frost!!”  “I love Killer Frost!!”  Just stop already.  You’ve played this one out, so just stop.  Find a new storyline instead of variations of this old and boring one, thanks.

That said adding Killer Frost to the hero line-up is very cool, pun intended.  I like that this season it really is Team Flash and not just the Flash running around with coms in his ear.  It makes the unbeatability of DeVoe even more unbelievable, but because this season weaves the good into the bad so tightly, they can’t be separated, but at least they decided to throw some good stuff at us, even if they mostly were just hacks throughout this season.

I’m sorry, but I will never believe anyone is smart enough – dark matter of no – to predict people’s behavior, how many people were on the bus, what types of powers they eventually would have, Team Flash’s reactions, the speed force, and on and on.  DeVoe just wasn’t believable in his brilliance at all.  There are too many variables that can be off-set by the unpredictability of human behavior.  Intelligence does not mean omniscience, but the writers don’t seem to notice or care.

Ok, for the good – Barry and Iris start seeing a couple’s therapist and it is awesome!  This therapist provides for some emotional scenes but is mainly played for humor.

The above video moves away from their therapy season for a minute or two, but then gets right back to it after that, and it is pretty funny.

One of my disappointments with season 5 was the lack of the therapist.  She would have been an awesome addition – especially with the changing family dynamic that season.

The relationship between Barry and Iris has been the central one to the show, so watching them work through things – of course Iris would be upset that Barry left her without discussion or consideration to save the city from the speed force.

One of the best moments of the season comes out this conflict – when they do finally discuss it, Barry, per his usual, wants to say that when he is the Flash he has to put those considerations first.  Iris tells him that when they got engaged, he was no longer the Flash, THEY were.

Boy did the misogynistic fanboys HATE that one!  It’s pretty funny how pissed off they got over this, but it does illustrate why they have trouble getting relationships of their own – they don’t understand the dynamic.

Specifically with Barry, if Iris were to let him carry the hero mantel on his own without her, he would make decisions without her by using the “I must save everyone” logic that is such a part of him.  I will say that at the time of the incident, there wasn’t really opportunity for a discussion as the city was being ravaged with earthquakes and lightning, but as a general rule, I liked it.

Everything Barry does as the Flash has a direct impact on Iris because they are married – what happens to one happens to both so those actions need to be discussed by both.  Barry has told Iris repeatedly that there would be no Flash without Iris West, and he isn’t lying.  Barry is one of the more emotional heroes we have seen, and sometimes the sweetness of the series can be a little bit much, but it is exactly why Barry needs his team either around him or in his ear – if Barry’s emotions are out of whack, he tends to fail.  Iris has brought him back from the brink of failing over and over and over again.

While season 4 has a lot of things I hate (I hate prison stories, just fucking hate them) it does have my all-time favorite (so far) Flash episode, “Flashtime” where a nuke goes off and Barry enters Flashtime, where he’s basically moving so fast time has seemingly stopped.  He has to figure out a way to stop the nuke before it destroys the city.  This episode has spurious science and a few plot holes a truck could go through, but mostly it is just really great story telling.  It also has one of my favorite moments between Barry and Iris.

In the above clip, Barry has been working the problem for a long time and despair has set in so he finally goes to Iris, not for help, but just to be with her for a moment more.  Iris even comes up with a working solution that saves the day, something Barry couldn’t think of.  In my own marriage, the number of times I’ve been hip deep in a problem I’ve overanalyzed from every side and my husband pops in with a solution because he has a different skill set, different knowledge, a different way of looking at things, and new eyes.  Watching that played out on television with unarguably bigger stakes was pretty fun.

This doesn’t mean Barry’s an idiot or weak or whatever the fanboys who hate this scene think, it just means that sometimes you get so involved in a problem that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Iris brings fresh eyes to the problem, and the look Barry gives her, like she is some sort of miracle he is lucky to be around, is just awesome.  I love everything about this scene because it shows that the two of them have a great partnership and Iris saying, “every moment with you, Barry, has always been nice” even as a nuke is basically going off is serious spouse goals.

One of the things I like about this show is that it does a good job of showing healthy relationships like Barry and Iris.  Joe and Cecile also work as a team, as partners, and I think that so many people view their romantic interests as someone to compete against or who is against you in mentality, where good relationships are about making things better for each other because you are a team.  The Flash does a good job of showing this with these two couples.

Can we also talk for a minute about Cecile?  She is one of my favorite characters and she is so much fun.  Her mind reading powers make for a lot of fun moments, and I love her zeal in wanting Joe to go after a woman in the crowd who was stealing staplers from her employer.  There are many moments with her that are delightful and fun, and her relationship with Harry makes both of these already delightful characters even more likable.  Her addition to Team Flash is a welcome one.  Also, can we stop for a moment and just marvel at how gorgeous this entire cast is?  Holy cow are they a good looking group!

Ralph Dibney was added to the hero roster this year, and he is a great character.  I freaking love Ralph for so many reasons, but one is his dynamic with Barry.  Barry starts off not liking Ralph due to past actions on Ralph’s part, but throughout the season the two go from hating each other to being incredibly close friends.  Ralph working his way into Team Flash is a fun journey, because he is a character unlike the rest of them as he starts off really shady.

What is interesting to me is how Barry treats Ralph.  Barry is kind and careful with pretty much everyone but with Ralph he’s impatient, almost pitiless, and when Ralph complains because the Flash knocks him out Barry replies, “You can take it,” without a flicker of remorse.  Captain Cold once told Barry that he had the same ability to be ruthless, and we see a glimpse of the ruthlessness here in his interactions with Ralph.  Ralph is the only person Barry has casually threatened with violence and seeing Barry dislike someone who isn’t a bad guy is pretty fun.

So, again it is hard to rate this season because I both loved and hated it.  I’m giving it a C because there was enough good to offset the bad, but barely.  Can we have more than one big bad a season now, please?


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In 1985, Matthew Broderick, Michele Pfieffer, and Rutger Hauer starred in a wonderful movie called Ladyhawke.  Matthew Broderick plays a thief who escapes his medieval prison and teams up with Navarre, a warrior with a hawk.  Adventure ensues.

*******SPOILER ALERT*******




Ladyhawk 3


As a kid, I watched the movie with my dad because I loved Matthew Broderick, but I came out of this movie with a deep affection for Rutger Hauer as well.  Navarre and Isabeau were cursed – he to become a wolf and she, she to become a hawk during the day so that they may never be in human form together, because someone else basically wanted Isabeau and couldn’t have her.

Anyway, the movie plot is about the quest to kill the bishop who cursed them.


Now, as a term, “Ladyhawking” is basically when scheduling means you don’t see each other.  Will and I have worked and gone to school at the same time throughout our marriage and we’ve both worked a variety of jobs.  Sometimes these jobs create a Ladyhawk situation where one of us is awake during the day the other is awake during the night, and we don’t see each other except in passing.

In short, Ladyhawking sucks and as soon as we realize we’re stuck in a Ladyhawke scheduling situation we try to alter things so that we can see each other more.  Lots of couples deal with this kind of work scheduling and it really puts a strain on a relationship when you don’t have the opportunity to see each other.

Anyway, go see Ladyhawke.  It’s a fun movie and Rutger Hauer is a badass, per usual.  😉

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HVAC and Cats

This summer our air conditioner bit the dust, we we ended up having to get a whole new shebang, included duct work.

As soon as we lost the air and it became hot inside, the cats would walk into the room and melodramatically drop to the floor to show us they were hot. You can tell temperature by looking at a cat and the longer and more spread out they are, the hotter they are. Cecil, my oldest orange cat, started walking on us at night, which is not unusual, and would meow a lot and paw my face, which is unusual. I figure he’s just hot and he will be ok when we install a window unit.

This is Cecil.  He’s the orange cat we have with a long nose.

We install window units in a few rooms to combat the heat. One of the rooms is the bedroom and we had a window unit blowing constantly along with the fan blowing, too.

This does not diminish Cecil’s night time meowing. I start to worry something is wrong with him, but outside of being loud and annoying, nothing else looks wrong with him. I figure the week after they install the new furnace and AC I will take him to the vet.

Cecil, Joey (Scarface Joe,) and Shadow watching the new window unit being installed.

The very first night with the new AC he did not meow at me and paw my face until I woke up.  He walked on us and then slept on us, like normal.  It’s been a week or two and he hasn’t done it since.

He was waking us up because he didn’t like how windy it was. I mean, first world problems, dude, but at least he isn’t sick.

Scarface Joe – he’s not too hot in this pic, he just likes sprawling in the middle of all pathways.